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Established by William Kirk in 2012, GameCloud Australia is an online media outlet that’s based in Western Australia. Run by local volunteers, it is our mission to represent Perth within the global games industry. We do not operate for profit, but we do aim to provide our readers with a unique and genuine perspective on anything gaming related.

Basically, we’re just a group of passionate writers who do this because we believe that video games are the greatest form of creative expression. In turn, we strongly support the notion that the games industry needs an honest voice free from bias, and we aim to deliver that with reviews and original content that are not influenced by profiteering.


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About Our Reviews

GameCloud specialises in analysing what we consider to be the fundamental components of a game. As such, all our reviews are subject to four primary categories during grading: “Narrative,” “Design,” “Gameplay,” and “Presentation.” We believe that all players have unique expectations, and by using categories, we feel that we can best relate the various strengths and weaknesses of these experiences without simply relying on an overall score.
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If you are interested in learning more about our grading scale and review structure, please click the following link.

Safe Space Policy

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The symbol that’s featured in our footer is what we’ve called a “Seal of Solidarity,” and it is there to represent our safe space policy. Basically, it our way of saying that we, the team at GameCloud Australia, are not okay with inequality within the games industry. It is not meant as a statement in response to any issue in particular, but instead a simple reminder: this is a safe space for everyone, and we aim to spread the ideals of an all-encompassing community.

Sponsors and Partners

If you are interested in sponsoring GameCloud Australia, or joining with us to become an official media partner, please fill out the form below and our public relations team will be in touch to discuss the opportunity further.

Alternatively, if you would like to contact us in regards to another matter, you can email us at: info@gamecloud.net.au




Team Profiles

Below you will find the creative thinktank that powers GameCloud. Let us introduce you to our talented writers:
William Kirk GameCloud Profile About Us

William Kirk

Editor-In-Chief at GameCloud
Based in Perth, Western Australia, Will has pursued an interest for both writing and video games his entire life. As the founder of GameCloud, he has endeavoured to build a team of dedicated writers to represent Perth to the international gaming industry, as well as unite his local gaming community.

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Patrick Waring

Executive Editor at GameCloud
From Perth, Patrick has played video games from a young age and now has "opinions." When not fretting over whether using words like "fretting" is effeminate, he likes to write jokes about video games. Sometimes he goes outside, and other times he just sits at his PC, thinking way too hard about Nintendo games.
nick ballantyne author profile About Us

Nick Ballantyne

Senior Editor, Features & Events at GameCloud
Nick lives in that part of Perth where there's nothing to do. You know, that barren hilly area with no identifying features and no internet? Yeah, that part. To compensate, he plays games, writes chiptunes, makes videos, and pokes fun at hentai because he can't take anything seriously.
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Bernadette Russell

Senior Reporter, Reviews & Events at GameCloud
Bernadette is living her childhood dream as the Assistant Manager at EB Games in Geraldton, WA. With a life-long console habit and a self-imposed MMO ban, she fantasizes about the day when all she'll have to do is game and write. Oh, and also about meeting Link. HYAH!
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Shane Smith

Creative Director at GameCloud
Shane is a Graphic Designer by day, but by night he’s either throwing uppercuts playing MK3 or watching old films. Video games have always been an interest to him since he first unboxed a Sega Mega Drive and subsequently has lost many hours and sunlight behind a controller.
joseph viola author image About Us

Joseph Viola

Community Manager at GameCloud
Born and raised in Perth, Joseph has been a gamer his entire life. Over time his tastes in games has evolved, and so has his opinions about them. A lover of the visual and music arts in games, he is not afraid to lose himself within the story and art style, or simply zone out to the music.
lliam ahearn editor photo About Us

Lliam Ahearn

Reviewer / Contributor at GameCloud
Lliam has been playing video games since he was a small child and continues to like them a whole bunch. In the perpetual hunt for Platinum Trophies, he takes no rest, takes no prisoners, and also takes no performance enhancing drugs. He constantly finds himself thinking about and analysing the games he plays, and sometimes, he even turns those thoughts into words.
brendan holben profile About Us

Brendan Holben

Reviewer / Contributor at GameCloud
Practically born with a joystick in his hands, Perth-based writer Brendan has seen the best and worst gaming has to offer. Since picking up his first video game magazine as a kid, he knew this was something he wanted to be part of. His favourite things are making Dark Souls and Far Cry 2 jokes on Twitter, while his greatest shame is never owning a Mario game on his SNES.
Tom 150x150 About Us

Tom Cammarano

Reviewer / Contributor at GameCloud
Tom has been a gamer since childhood, growing up with a PC as consoles were not yet popular. Currently, he tries to squeeze in as much gaming as possible between being a responsible adult, husband and father. Despite being a member of the "PC Master Race", Tom also enjoys gaming on consoles and mobile platforms. Sometimes even with his own little gamers.
daniel tyler portfolio About Us

Daniel Tyler

Reviewer / Contributor at GameCloud
Having travelled across the great oceans, Daniel grew up in Perth and learned the art of gaming. Be it dice and pencil, a controller, or even a keyboard and mouse; there is no game that was not worth it! Daniel is also known to be harsh, but honest, about his love for games.
mary woo About Us

Mary Woo

Reviewer / Contributor at GameCloud
Mary was raised in Perth, playing video games from a young age. As a big fan of J-RPGs in particular, Mary enjoys the full experience of playing and the fulfilment received from seeing out a story until its conclusion; being captivated by the graphics and music along the way. With a strong passion for writing also, it was only logical for her to combine these two interests.
tim sezar profile pic About Us

Tim Sezer

Reviewer / Contributor at GameCloud
Tim Sezer is a Perth-based writer. He’s also an avid gamer and an active musician playing bass for Perth Industrial metal band EPIGNOSIS. When he’s not gaming or annoying the neighbors with his noisy hobbies, he’s either checking out bands at local music gigs, hanging out at gaming events or arguing about stuff over the internet. Any positive feedback or hate mail is welcome!
coltonderwater profile About Us

Colton Onderwater

Reviewer / Contributor at GameCloud
Based in Perth, Colton is an aspiring indie developer who developed a passion for making games as well as playing them. Always on the lookout for a good RPG or an artsy indie title, Colton also likes to fill his life with music, grilled cheese sandwiches and '90s pop culture.
phil woods About Us

Phill Woods

Reviewer / Contributor at GameCloud
Student, reluctant bartender and lover of hip-hop. Born and raised in Perth, I always had my head buried in a book or pointed at a screen; after high school I joined the RAAF, mainly to see what all the fuss was about. Now determined to make a living writing about stuff.