Stereotypes have been important to human evolution and our survival as a species, for as long as we have existed. It's a way for our [...]


During PAXAus earlier this month, Nick and I caught up with Ron Curry – CEO of the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association. Along with Dr Jeffrey Brand, professor of Communication and Media at Bond University, and Managing Director of Teslyte Foad Fadaghi, Ron hosted a […]


We’re considering some of the coolest and most interesting content Nintendo could add to Mario Kart 8. They’ve opened the floodgates [...]


The announcement of Mario Kart 8’s first two DLC packs presented a new frontier of opportunities. On top of new and returning Mario Kart courses and racers, we get stuff from Zelda, Animal Crossing, Excitebike, and even F-Zero! I’ve wanted Mario Kart to go down […]


Space Strafer is a fast-paced skill-based asteroid-dodging game with explosions, powerups, upgrades and fireballs of death [...]


Mario Kart 8 just got even better. Nintendo has delivered some of the most interesting and identifiable Mario Kart tracks to this date [...]


Do you like some swash in your buckle? Like collecting resources and living off the land to survive? How about traversing around an ever changing archipelago with a crew of misfits? Or hunting mysterious portals, fighting vicious wildlife and throwing down magical totems? You’ve got […]


RTS, as a genre, isn’t really known for a huge variety of gameplay. Gather resources, construct buildings, train units, overwhelm enemy, insert some level of tactics depending on the skill level of the developer. This is the basic recipe for a huge swathe of the […]


At PAXAus this year, Nick Ballantyne and I wandered through the Indie area just.. so many times, and in our travels we found this gem of a game. It’s a gem which has some sort of power over mortal men and women, forming them into […]


Star Citizen is a game that has the world watching for many different reasons. For one, it’s the largest crowd-funded project of all time and the return of space sims. Secondly, it’s the Roberts brothers, back together in gaming. Star Citizen is more than a […]