Recently, I attended “A Lady’s Guide To Kicking Ass” – A talk by Dr. Kate Raynes-Goldie which was organised and hosted by Microsoft [...]

Gauntlet Preview


Gauntlet represents a lot of "firsts" for me in gaming. It was my first dungeon crawler, the first game that taught me the joys of stealing health and [...]


Mirror, mirror, on the wall, why are cutscenes so banal? I just can't see why they're great, when all they do is irritate; They appear in every triple [...]


Curtin’s Growth Ignition program is an annual five and a half day intensive workshop aimed at providing support and training for innovation development [...]


It's always great to discover an exciting new game that's being developed locally, but Paradigm isn't just your run-of-the-mill indie title. [...]


Where “Crown of the Sunken King” was focused on environmental puzzles, “Crown of the Old Iron King” is all about new enemies and challenging [...]


Hellraid is one of the games that's currently in development at Techland, the creators of Dead Island and Dying Light. What's most exciting though [...]


Trying to write an article about violent video games that ends up being well received by all is like trying to please a mob of straight edge cultists with [...]

Perth Games Festival 2014


The Perth Games Festival is a celebration of making and playing games in Western Australia. The day will be full of demonstrations, talks and panels, and a massive hall full of locally made computer games, tabletop games, mobile games and virtual reality experiences.


As Director of east coast based games specialist marketing agency, SURPRISE ATTACK, Travis has been responsible for bringing hundreds of games to market from casual mobile titles to best selling AAA games. He has launched console platforms, managed communities for huge gaming brands and tiny […]