Special thanks to Shane Smith for the awesome banners that you will see in this article, and in many other articles that you see on Gamecloud. If you’d like to see more if his work, you can find it here. In the first part of “The Dark Side of Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze,” I turned my mental powers (focused and […]


Fallout is a very special series to us, having spent so many hours just roving it's expansive wastelands and enjoying all the rewards it has to [...]


There have been very few instances in my life where an experience has corrupted my spirit to the point where I’ve felt gullibly desecrated. I’ve been screamed at by crying high school girls post-graduating, watched my friend’s slow descent into a pathologically naive hermit, and sat through the entirety of Cloud Atlas, none of which I would describe as enjoyable […]


Every time a new generation rolls around, the term “next-gen” is whored throughout the media and PR; even up to 12 months (plus) after the actual launch of a new system. And yet, what does that term even mean? If a new system is out, should it not become “current”? At the beginning of the last generation, consumers had just […]


As voted for by our readers, our Editorial Team discuss their personal picks for the best "worst" game of all time. [...]


It’s starting to look as if I just love to pick on Nintendo, because this is the third article in the series, and I’m still focusing on their first-party titles. It’s not as though I set out with this intention in mind; when I began this series, it was to “roast” a range of different games from a variety of […]


At the start of the month, I was bestowed with tickets to see WASO perform a new composition by Tod Machover based on Perth (which was just as weird as it sounds). Before the inaugural performance blew the roof off, the orchestra delighted listeners with a few pieces from various video games. Playing songs from Grim Fandango, Uncharted, Bioshock, and […]


Last Sunday saw Screen Australia's contribution to the gaming themed events of The Perth Festival manifest like a brooding caterpillar [...]

The Game Changers : Whats In Store

“What’s in store?”, these are three words that can strike both fear and excitement into the heart of any game developer. It’s the delight of getting to experience new technologies and mechanics, and the fear of overstretching your game till it crumples like a deck of cards. Dan Pinchback (Dear Ester), Dan Golding (video game critic), and Guy Gadney (The […]


For those unfamiliar with Perth City, it’s often been known as a dead zone when it comes to certain professions. In fact, the same could probably be said for Australia as a whole. However, when it comes to the subject of game development, Perth was definitely not the place to be. At least, that was the case until several years ago, […]