It’s been awhile since I’ve flexed my imagination, but I’m dusting off TDSO to break your collective childhood memories once again, dear readers. Being a child of the 90’s, RPG characters were something of a staple point in gaming for me and have stuck with […]


Nintendo have been dipping a ginger toe into the waters of downloadable content and we’re firm believers of “the customer is always right.” In the last “DLC We Want to See,” Paddy and Lliam talked about the different characters and stages that they’d like to […]


Developer: Gadget Games Platform(s): PC Release: Early Access A couple of weeks ago, one of our writers shared his first impressions of Down to One; a Perth-developed online survival shooter. At the time of writing, the concept was certainly promising, but the game still needed […]


For those whose fingers are far removed from the pulse of current events, Australians have recently banded together to demonstrate [...]

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Let’s all take a moment to remember the ’90s. It was a golden age where Cheez TV reigned supreme, NSYNC became popular, and adventure games were still mass produced. Games like The Curse of Monkey Island, Grim Fandango and Myst were birthed in the same […]


Imagine someone punched you in the face after they declare that they’re a pacifist. Along with a sudden wet sensation in your nose, you might feel a bit confused by the message this fellow is trying to convey. When someone says they’re a pacifist, they […]


UPDATE: Due to confusion about the nature of the article, the title has been updated to reflect that this was a beta version of the game that had been sent to GameCloud for the purposes of a First Impressions. The content of the article has […]


Bioware's Mass Effect Trilogy is one of the most popular and highly regarded video game series of the PS3/360 generation. [...]


Between work, parenting, attempting to integrate into society and hoarding sherbet, I’ve found less and less “free time” for games. These days, all of my free time is synonymous with waiting: waiting for an appointment, killing time on lunch breaks or a few minutes here […]


After a massive success, Playup Perth is again teaming up with SK Games to bring you another evening a of new local games and game prototypes, good friends and wallet friendly drinks. Come meet the developers, play their games and help them make them even […]