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I’ll be perfectly blunt: Panzer Dragoon Saga was the reason I bought a Saturn. I still remember reading my issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly where one or two of the reviewers had bestowed upon it a perfect ’10,’ which was an incredible rarity for the […]


Oh good, it’s this argument again. The OFLC has once again decided that Australian adult ears and eyes are far too sensitive for violence and have refused classification to Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. It’s not exactly new ground we’re covering and I’ve even talked […]


War is a not so fun topic to think about. People getting shot and killed for a cause that probably (and by that, I mean definitely) doesn’t justify murder isn’t pleasant. Video games gloss over these less than fun aspects because we don’t like to […]


You thought we were just going to stop at MK8? Clearly Nintendo weren’t, having opened up the flood gates of downloadable content to other games in their catalogue. Nintendo seem to have the right-ish idea of how to go about DLC, for the moment, with […]

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After a rather controversial year in gaming, the GC writing staff convene to highlight some of the great things to come out of 2014! [...]


I played a lot of fighting games as a kid. I wasn't a huge fan of the genre necessarily, it just worked out that way. [....]

the Steam Sale Effect

Oh dear god. It’s that time of year when piles of shame are born, bank accounts go dry and fully grown adults don’t eat. It’s Steam Sale season, and I am deeply afraid of how much money Valve will make off me this year. I’ve […]


I love a good rogue-like; the hack’n’slash style gameplay and the inevitable loot-a-thons that follow just do it for me. It’s really easy to make a boring rogue-like, however, and a cursory glance over Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter will show you that. For every Rogue […]


Let’s be honest, when it comes to gaming, 2014 has seen its fair share of disappointment. There were blockbuster titles, such as Watch Dogs and Destiny, that promised to revolutionise the “next generation” of gaming (…and didn’t). As well as countless games that launched with […]


Pseudonyms are a strange thing to think about because, nowadays, they're just so... Normal. If you play any game online, you're not [...]