Castlevania: Symphony of The Night is a game anyone who loves video games should play. Not only is it a great game by its own [...]


On more than one occasion, because it would be cheaper than picking it up through Steam, I've bought a Humble Bundle for [...]


As far as the session went, I think it was arguably the most rewarding Play Up so far as we had so many games making a return [...]


Life is Strange gives players the unique ability to rewind time in order to manipulate events, which is very cool, but for me, Episode 2 really needed [...]


Killing Floor 2 is not only a worthy sequel to the first title, but a worthy multiplayer experience in its own right. I’m certainly glad Tripwire [...]


With two DLC packs, an on-screen map and 200cc mode now available, Mario Kart 8 is much bigger, better and more rewarding than it was at [...]


War for the Overworld (WftO), the spiritual successor to the Dungeon Keeper series, has finally reached its official release date after being [...]


I enjoyed my time with Episode 2: Atlas Mugged, but I'm starting to worry that the hype I want to feel for this game won't be paid off [...]


There’s no question that EA and Satan are working in some capacity to make enjoying their games a living hell. It’s not that EA is run by Satan, that’d be ridiculous, but they are definitely in cahoots with one another. Like peanut butter and arson. […]


Final Fantasy XV is as beautiful as it is ambitious, while spouting great potential due to the elegance in its fundamental design [...]