With two DLC packs, an on-screen map and 200cc mode now available, Mario Kart 8 is much bigger, better and more rewarding than it was at [...]


War for the Overworld (WftO), the spiritual successor to the Dungeon Keeper series, has finally reached its official release date after being [...]


I enjoyed my time with Episode 2: Atlas Mugged, but I'm starting to worry that the hype I want to feel for this game won't be paid off [...]


There’s no question that EA and Satan are working in some capacity to make enjoying their games a living hell. It’s not that EA is run by Satan, that’d be ridiculous, but they are definitely in cahoots with one another. Like peanut butter and arson. […]


Final Fantasy XV is as beautiful as it is ambitious, while spouting great potential due to the elegance in its fundamental design [...]


In celebration of God of War's 10th anniversary, we sent one of our writers on an epic journey to experience where it all began. [...]


In this week's hyper-thetical, Paddy and Nick talk about why the theme of violence has long been the single consistent in most "good" games. [...]


“A curated store both physical and digital, distributing and marketing different interactive media, and generally hanging out.” [...]


GC writers, Nick Ballantyne and Patrick Waring's podcast-type-show from Perth Respawn Radio officially finds a new home at GameCloud [...]


Hello again, Folks! Whether you have been in a cryogenic sleep or simply refused to leave the house since the last Play Up because the graphics suck, it’s time to rejoice: it’s back! Play Up has enjoyed the Christmas holidays, sobered up and pulled local […]