Final Fantasy XV is as beautiful as it is ambitious, while spouting great potential due to the elegance in its fundamental design [...]


In celebration of God of War's 10th anniversary, we sent one of our writers on an epic journey to experience where it all began. [...]


In this week's hyper-thetical, Paddy and Nick talk about why the theme of violence has long been the single consistent in most "good" games. [...]


“A curated store both physical and digital, distributing and marketing different interactive media, and generally hanging out.” [...]


GC writers, Nick Ballantyne and Patrick Waring's podcast-type-show from Perth Respawn Radio officially finds a new home at GameCloud [...]


Hello again, Folks! Whether you have been in a cryogenic sleep or simply refused to leave the house since the last Play Up because the graphics suck, it’s time to rejoice: it’s back! Play Up has enjoyed the Christmas holidays, sobered up and pulled local […]


If anything is clear from this review, it’s that your desired performance is mostly subjective based on what sort of games you want to play. [...]


For those who follow our coverage of the local development scene, you might recall that we did an interview with Perth-studio, Black Lab Games last August with regards to their newest title, Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy. It was also playable at the Perth Games […]


It’s been awhile since I’ve flexed my imagination, but I’m dusting off TDSO to break your collective childhood memories once again, dear readers. Being a child of the 90’s, RPG characters were something of a staple point in gaming for me and have stuck with […]


Nintendo have been dipping a ginger toe into the waters of downloadable content and we’re firm believers of “the customer is always right.” In the last “DLC We Want to See,” Paddy and Lliam talked about the different characters and stages that they’d like to […]