It’s not hard to feel a little envious of Michael de Grussa when standing in his hybrid retro game emporium slash music tuition centre, if not just overwhelmed by the waves of nostalgia pouring out from the loaded display cases. For Michael, Player [1] is […]


Media saturation is a major problem in gaming today, or, at least, I think it is. Thanks to the internet, we’re no longer given time to get excited about the possibilities of a game, but rather, end up “seeing” almost everything there is to know […]

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DLC. Sometimes it’s done right, other times it’s just…Yeah. The thing is, DLC has the potential to be god damn amazing, it’s just that it’s not being [...]


An exclusive Q&A with Paul Turbett of Black Lab Games (Perth-based studio), to discuss his upcoming game, Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy [...]


Too Human is a game that tried to exceed the sum of its parts, and failed. It began with a unique premise, but then barely managed to [...]


The maddening, spiralling descent into the gritty underbelly of the Mario-verse continues, my dear readers, after my last foray revealed that Gadd [...]


This article was intended to be two things: a retrospective look at video game arcades and what potential future they might have in modern society, as well as an unbiased comparison between the modern gaming arcades that we see today. During the course of some […]


Luigi's Mansion is truly an adventure to enjoy; brilliantly combining character and environmental interaction while portraying an engaging tale. [...]


The What, Why, and WTF is a fortnightly article series that explores the culturally pervasive elements of gaming, those parts of video games that [...]


Our good friends at SK Games have just had their first birthday and to celebrate they’re hosting Local MultiPlayer Only; a night of drinks, merriment, and “couch” multiplayer with some of SK’s best games, and a few guest titles, at The Bakery. Senior Editors Bernadette […]