One of the most acclaimed adventure games of all time is now back, better than ever. Grim Fandango’s epic story of four years in the life (or death) of Manny Calavera, travel agent to the dead, has been remastered to look, sound, and control even […]


New Witcher: Wild Hunt gameplay video featuring segments from the game prologue and Skellige islands. The game is scheduled to launch May 19, 2015, and will be available on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation®4.  


The Order: 1886 introduces players to a unique vision of Victorian-Era London where Man uses advanced technology to battle a powerful and ancient foe.  


Find yourself caught in the midst of a desperate fight for survival in Dying Light!  


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare shows off new gameplay from the new Exo Zombies mode, starring John Malkovich, Bill Paxton, Rose McGowan, and Jon Bernthal.  


Dying Light shows off all the things you can expect to experience in its expansive open world.  


Beginning June 9th, you can join your friends on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to play The Elder Scrolls Online with no game subscription fees!  


Telltale gives us our first look at the second chapter of the Game of Thrones series.  


Get a full breakdown of the modes and methods of Evolve in this featurette!  


Debuting live on SQUARE ENIX PRESENTS, this video compares the footage of the original FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 to FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD on current generation consoles.