Return to the classic Abe’s Oddysee world in Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty!  


Earlier in the month, we did a Q&A with OhNoo Studio to discuss their upcoming game Tormentum – Dark Sorrow. Their IndieGoGo Campaign is coming to a close, and while they have done well, they are still falling a little bit short. At this point […]


There are so many lesser known games out there which deserve to be played. Here are our personal picks for those we consider to be great! [...]


Choose your allies carefully in the penultimate episode of The Walking Dead Season 2.  


A new entry in the Fatal Frame series for Wii U called “The Black Haired Shrine Maiden” was announced by Koei Tecmo producer Keisuke Kikuchi during NicoNico Live. Currently, there is no word on a western release, but if this generation is anything to go […]


Take command of varied fleets and dominate sectors of space, tending to both random encounters and gripping storyline missions in Shallow Space.  


Dragon’s Teeth is an infantry focused expansion pack for Battlefield 4 featuring all-out urban warfare in dense Asian Pacific cities.  


Mess around with weapons, tactics, and custom voice commands while fending off waves of enemies in There Came An Echo.  


Paris, 1793. Paris is plunged into chaos. In this dark era, one man will give commoners the courage to take up arms against the oppressors. Discover Arno as he fights for justice and raises people’s hope for freedom and unity.  


Three new fighters make their way onto the Smash Bros. roster, including Captain Falcon and the Fire Emblem crew!