Our promised commitment to meaningful post-launch support and expanded free content begins today with our first drop: Battle of Shadow and Light, which adds the stealthy new Shinobi ninja-themed armor, some legendary Light Rifle firepower and perhaps most importantly, the arrival of Big Team Battle […]


Avalanche Studios have been busy squeezing every last drop of power out of their proprietary engine for the upcoming release of JUST CAUSE 3 on December 1st. The game can be seen firing on all cylinders, with all settings turned to overkill in this video […]


Your story is about to come to an epic conclusion. With House Whitehill tightening its grip on Ironrath at the behest of Ramsay Bolton, the remaining Forresters must give their all to save the family, whether through diplomacy, subterfuge, or violent force. In the frozen […]


Sword Art Online: Lost Song is finally out in Europe and Australia on PS4 and PS Vita! Kirito, Asuna, and all the others are ready to embark on a new adventure in ALO and beat the game before their rivals do!  


Xenoblade Chronicles X launches on 4th December 2015!  


Gaming’s Biggest Night Returns! Live, Thursday December 3rd it’s The Game Awards 2015.  


In a surprise announcement, Cloud from Final Fantasy 7 was revealed in Nintendo’s latest direct for Super Smash Bros 4.  


The cries of the fans were heard as Nintendo drops the revival of Twilight Princess in HD during Nintendo Direct.  


In the recent Nintendo Direct, Dragon Quest VII & VIII were announced for the west, coming to Nintendo 3DS in 2016.  


The Star Fox Team shows off new worlds and weapons in this demo from Nintendo Direct.