NBA 2K17


As someone who’s into video games and pop culture quite profoundly, friends and strangers are both in agreement when they react to my interest in sport with surprise. However, I’ve always been an avid sports fan and participant since a young age – and basketball […]

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LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens


LEGO and Star Wars: these are just two of my favourite things. I have to be honest, though, as this is somehow the first LEGO Star Wars game I’ve played despite the fact the first game in the series launched on more than a decade […]

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Mighty No. 9


Disclaimer: The author of this review received a key for the game because he backed the game on Kickstarter when this all began. He spent actual, real currency on this and was part of the many thousands of people who helped conjure it into reality. […]

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Turtle Power! I was excited for Mutants in Manhattan not just because I was a super-fan back in the late ’80s, but for the fact that PlatinumGames were working on it. After their fantastic work on MadWorld, Transformers: Devastation and the Bayonetta series, I had […]

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The wait for the next instalment of King’s Quest was just a cool down period to think long and hard about what a mess you made last time. Sure, everyone ended up surviving, just barely, but the save game remembers who you didn’t rescue, and […]

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LEGO Marvel’s Avengers


LEGO and superheroes are always a good mix, both in toy bricks and in video game form. I was so excited to get my hands on LEGO Marvel’s Avenger because they are, without a doubt, the ultimate super crime fighting team. The Avengers group have […]

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My return to Daventry in the second chapter of King’s Quest: Rubble Without a Cause was everything except what I had anticipated. The feel of the first installment had taken a coaster of emotions and ended in heartbreak and a cliffhanger, so I was looking […]

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Telltale’s Game of Thrones: Season One


In the early 2000s, the fantasy genre had perhaps its largest surge in popularity thanks to the mainstream success of The Lord of the Rings film franchise. While there was somewhat of a lull after this, eventually the heavily chronicled “A Song of Ice and […]

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Just Dance 2016


In 2008, one year before the original Just Dance video game boot-scooted its way onto shelves everywhere, Lady Gaga released her debut single- a song by the same name. Conspiracy? Freemasons? Illuminati? Perhaps. You see, Lady Gaga is a psychic. Her song was prophetic. Hidden […]

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Call of Duty: Black Ops III


Jeepers. Alright. So CoD’s yearly review has come. We’re all very… something. Blasé? We’ve spent more time fighting wars in Call of Duty games now than many countries have spent fighting wars in the real world. Anyway, we’re in the future again but this time […]

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