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    First Impressions – Scraps

    Tank games have dominated the vehicular combat genre as of late, and if you're anything like me, you were too caught up in them [...]

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    Event Report: Game Representation at the 27th WA Screen Awards

    If you want to try to appreciate what you missed then start by picturing the Oscars, full of gorgeous and excited industry [...]

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    Ultimate Question – What is the Best PlayStation Game of All Time?

    Competition: We have a custom sticker bomb PS4 controller to give away, courtesy of our friends at Down Unda Gaming. If you'd like [...]

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    Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition Review

    Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition is the best way to play Devil May Cry 4. It’s an improved and much more expansive package, […]

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    Ronin Review

    Ronin is a delightful little game that’s well worth your time if you want something a little different. If you’re looking for something a […]

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Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China Review


Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China was pretty to look at, as short as I’d expected, but missing the soul of a good AC game: the […]

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Monsters Trailer


In order to become the best monster hunter, you must first learn how to understand your foes – where they can be found, their […]

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Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition – Announcement Trailer


The Galaxy Far, Far Away joins the Infinity Universe!  

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Dragon Age: Inquisition – Dragonslayer DLC Trailer


Prepare for the ultimate challenge: dragons! Gather your party and take on Dragon Age: Inquisition’s apex predators for the first time in multiplayer mode. […]

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Life is Strange: Episode 2 – Out of Time Review


Life is Strange gives players the unique ability to rewind time in order to manipulate events, which is very cool, but for me, Episode 2 really needed [...]

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Project CARS – Launch Trailer


After four years of thorough testing and approval from both gamers and real racing pros, the most authentic, intense, beautiful and technically-advanced racing game […]

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Wolfenstein: The Old Blood – Gameplay Trailer


Take a trip back in time with Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, a standalone game releasing May 5 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. […]

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Attack On Titan: Humanity In Chains – Characters Trailer


Meet the young heroes of Attack on Titan’s 3DS debut in this trailer.  

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Ride Review


At its core, Ride is a solid and realistic motorcycle simulator that plays well but feels like it lacks any defined sense of personality. […]

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Video Calendar: Games of May


The Witcher leads the Wild Hunt for games in 2015 as May brings us highly anticipated titles for almost every platform.  

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    LAN Addicts is back! With more games, more competitions, more prizes, more food, and 200% more Christopher Walken. LAN Addicts #9 will feature all your usual favourites, plus more! [...]

  • God of War III Remastered


    In celebration of the God of War franchise's tenth anniversary, a remastered version of God of War III, titled God of War III Remastered, is set to release on the PlayStation [...]

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