• life-is-strange-banner

    Life Is Strange: Episode 1 – Chrysalis Review

    Simply put, it plays like a Telltale game that’s driven by the heart of Gone Home and laced with themes derivative of Twin Peaks; though, it [...]

  • Most Anticipated Games of 2015

    Editors’ Choice: Most Anticipated Games of 2015

    With such an incredible line-up of promising games in 2015, it's never been more difficult for us to select just one each to gush over! [...]

  • down-to-one-feature-banner

    Perth-Developed Game, Down to One coming to Steam Early Access

    Down to One is a competitive survival shooter in a large, interactive, open-world environment. Start out with nothing, and use anything you can find [...]

  • global-game-jam-feature-image

    Chiptunes, Cyberpunk, and Narwhals: Global Game Jam 2015

    Last year, I attended the Global Game Jam, and I enjoyed myself so much that I decided to do it again this year. I […]

  • SegaCultBanner Panzer Dragoon A-Go-Go!

    The Saturn Cult Pt.2: Panzer Dragoon A-Go-Go!

    I’ll be perfectly blunt: Panzer Dragoon Saga was the reason I bought a Saturn. I still remember reading my issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly […]

  • SR-GooH_Banner

    Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell Review

    Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell stumbles its way down the paved path of good intentions, hampered by bugs and awful design choices. […]

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Space Strafer – Developer Interview with Alexander Parker


Space Strafer is a fast-paced skill-based asteroid-dodging game with explosions, powerups, upgrades and fireballs of death [...]

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There Came an Echo – Story Trailer


Discover the pulse-pounding, sci-fi storyline inside There Came an Echo.  

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Dragon Age: Inquisition – What is the Keep?


The Keep is your way to discover, shape, and share your Dragon Age experience. Explore plot points and story arcs from previous Dragon Age […]

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Dying Light – Epic Fails Trailer


EPIC FAILS. Bloopers. Womp Womps. Watch and laugh – which fail is the most epic?  

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Mario Kart 8: DLC Pack 1 Review


Mario Kart 8 just got even better. Nintendo has delivered some of the most interesting and identifiable Mario Kart tracks to this date [...]

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Final Fantasy XV – 10-Minute Open-World Gameplay Demo


Final Fantasy XV shows off ten minutes of open-world exploration you’ll have to see to believe! The gameplay footage was taken from a recent […]

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Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) – Launch Trailer


Delve deep into the traditional lore of the Iñupiat people of the Arctic in Never Alone.  

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This War of Mine – Launch Trailer


Craft, trade and take care of your survivors in a war-torn world in This War of Mine.  

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ESCAPE Dead Island – Launch Trailer


Choose wisely between using stealth and combat in your attempt to ESCAPE Dead Island!  

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Featured, Interviews, PAXAus 2014

PAXAus 2014: Lost Sea – Developer Interview with Aidan Price


Do you like some swash in your buckle? Like collecting resources and living off the land to survive? How about traversing around an ever […]

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  • FREE Indie Game Tournaments – Push Me Pull You


    Come down to the Urban Orchard for some friendly sumo-soccer. Bring your best friend and wrestle your way to victory in the Melbourne sports game. FREE ENTRY. FREE TO PLAY. [...]

  • FREE Indie Game Tournaments – Gundash


    Taking over Fringe World's Urban Orchard to search for a Gundash Champion. Shoot your way to the finish line for your chance to win genuine SK trophies and accolades. FREE [...]

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