Final Fantasy Type-0 HD


Developer: Square Enix Platform(s): PS4 & Xbox One Release: 20/03/2015 I’ve been looking forward to Final Fantasy Type-0 for many years now. In fact, I even named the HD release as my most anticipated game of 2015 – which I know is an unusual choice […]

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Mario Party 10


Developer: Nintendo Platform(s): Wii U Exclusive Release: 21/03/2015 Mario Party 10 brings everyone’s favourite minigame filled board game to the Wii U with amiibo, the gamepad, and HD visuals. For better or for worse, this release inherits much of Mario Party 9’s ideas and qualities, […]

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Cities: Skylines


Developer: Colossal Order Platform(s): PC Exclusive Release: 10/03/2015 Growing up as a Warhammer obsessed teen, dreaming up cities with pristine infrastructure wasn’t my top priority. No, that coveted position was given to slaying AWP-ers in CS: Source with ridiculously lucky (i.e., skilful) AK headshots every […]

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Ori and the Blind Forest


Developer: Moon Studios Platform(s): Xbox Exclusive Release: 11/03/2015 Moon Studios spent four years developing Ori and the Blind Forest, and it shows: the entire 2D platform adventure genre has just been schooled in every way possible. The last time I experienced something so perfect in […]

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Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number


Developer: Devolver Digital Platform(s): Multi-Platform Release: 10/03/2015 Hotline Miami is one of my favourite games of all time. In fact, it’s the only modern game that I sometimes go back to replay on occasion. From its surreal world and hyper-violent mechanics to the adrenaline-inducing design […]

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Resident Evil: Revelations 2


Developer: Capcom Platform(s): Multi-Platform Release: 17/03/2015 Just to provide a little background, Resident Evil: Revelations was the first RE game that I ever reviewed; as well as serving as my re-introduction to the franchise after a long hiatus. Since that time, I’ve also retrospectively reviewed […]

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Developer: Ninja Theory Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One Release: 10/03/2015 I was surprised by how awesome DmC: Devil May Cry was back in 2013. Having gone in with low expectations, I was absolutely blown away. Now, two years and one generation on, DmC Devil May Cry: […]

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Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires


Developer: Koei Tecmo Platform(s): Multi-Platform Release: 29/02/2015 It could be argued that Dynasty Warriors has to perform one of the hardest balancing acts of any on-going gaming franchises today. Basically, each game has to keep the same fundamental gameplay mechanics in play while still shaking up […]

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Total War: Attila


Developer: Creative Assembly Platform(s): PC Exclusive Release: 17/02/2015 Screw The Huns, man. Here I am, the innocent and peaceful leader of The Saxons, quietly chipping a bloody path to the west, when out of freakin’ nowhere hordes of Huns start razing everything around me! What […]

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse


Developer: Dimps Platform(s): Multi-Platform Release: 26/02/2015 Dragon Ball Xenoverse takes some big steps in evolving the formula of Dragon Ball video games. Focusing on an original story (to some extent), allowing character creation and customisation, and revolving around RPG systems – Xenoverse is the biggest […]

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