Gears of War: Ultimate Edition


Developer: The Coalition Platform(s): Xbox One Release: 25/08/2015 Gears of War was arguably the first AAA title to popularise HD graphics and kickstart the boom of the last generation. You know, that one mega-hyped up game which everyone will hold out for before they’re willing […]

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Until Dawn


Developer: Supermassive Games Platform(s): PS4 Release: 26/08/2015 When I first learned about Until Dawn, it was a first-person teen horror exclusive to the PlayStation Move. Basically, the perfect recipe for a gimmicky commercial disaster if there ever was one, but that wasn’t going to deter […]

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Pac-Man 256


Developer: Hipster Whale Platform(s): Android & iOS Release: 18/08/2015 I’m not a stranger to mobile games; however, I’m also not their biggest fan. I like the idea of small, cheap games that can provide a few hours of mindless, arcade-style entertainment for a couple of […]

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Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture


Developer: The Chinese Room Platform(s): PS4 Release: 11/08/2015 When I first played Dear Esther, it rocked my perception of interactive storytelling. I understood why some panned it for being a glorified ‘walking simulator,’ but I was too fixated on the big picture to let any […]

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God of War III Remastered


Developer: Santa Monica Studio Platform(s): PS4 Release: 14/07/2015 God of War III promised the seemingly impossible back in 2010. While hardly shocking by today’s standards, so much of what was shown in promotion was unbelievable. Grabbing dudes and running with them, having enemies pile up […]

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Journey (PS4)


Developer: Thatgamecompany Platform(s): PS4 Release: 23/07/2015 Few games have managed to instil in me the sort of joy and wonder that Journey delivers, especially in such a relatively short game. The deceptively simple design hides an incredibly rich experience that has left many a hardened […]

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Batman: Arkham Knight


Developer: Rocksteady Platform(s): Multi-Platform Release: 23/06/2015 After the jump from Arkham Asylum to Arkham City took Batman from hallways and courtyards to an open city, I was curious as to what old Bats could get up to next. How do you refresh such a succinct […]

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Rare Replay


Developer: Rare Platform(s): Xbox One Exclusive Release: 04/08/2015 Turning 30 is a huge occasion; whether you spend it drunk in an inappropriate costume or use it to celebrate everything you have achieved is up to you. Thankfully Rare went with the latter and have used […]

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Developer: Bandai Namco Platform(s): PS3 & PS4 Release: 17/07/2015 I don’t know how to feel about Godzilla. It’s a train wreck of a game that went off the rails and crashed into the wall of my bitter, wretched heart. It feels like they’ve deliberately tried […]

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Developer: Croteam Platform(s): PC, Mac & Linux Release: 23/07/2015 It’s funny to think that The Talos Principle was originally conceived as a new puzzle mechanic for the next Serious Sam game. Although, this isn’t the first time something new has birthed from an existing franchise; […]

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