Platform(s): Multi-Platform Release: 22/11/2013 The Wolf Among Us continues, and so does Bigby’s decent down the proverbial rabbit hole. In the previous episode, we were left feeling a little underwhelmed as the strongest plot point from the first episode had been rendered inert, and in turn, left our protagonist feeling a little wooden overall. It […]


Platform(s): Nintendo 3DS Release: 29/03/2014 As a fan of top hats and the ever eloquent Professor Layton, I was thrilled to learn of another game release; after what I understood was the end of the series. Layton vs. Wright seemed, to someone who has never played an Ace Attorney game before, like an obvious pairing. […]


Platform(s): Multi-Platform Release: 22/11/2013 The Metal Gear franchise is 26 years old, and arguably one of the most beloved series in the history of video games. With this thought, it’s no surprise that many games in the series have been highly acclaimed by critics and fans alike; with most shifting millions of units. It’s been […]



Platform(s): Multi-Platform Release: 27/03/2014 After years of availability on other platforms, FEZ has finally made its debut on the PlayStation Network – boasting cross-buy and cross-play functionality, mind you. I had previously heard nothing but positive remarks and interesting anecdotes upon FEZ’s inaugural release on Xbox Live Arcade nearly two years ago, and had always […]



Platform(s): PC Exclusive Release: 18/02/2014 City Sim’s have always held a special place in my heart. There is just something about planning a large city and watching it grow. It’s a timeless concept that has been done over and over, and sure, we’ve had small changes to the formula, but there’s always been one constant […]

Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster


Platform(s): Sony Exclusive Release: 20/03/2014 The Final Fantasy franchise has been a long-standing staple of the gaming world since the release of the first Final Fantasy in 1987. Since that time, there have been more than one hundred games that share the proud banner of the Final Fantasy name, with the most recent release being […]

Dark Souls II


Platform(s): Multi-Platform Release: 22/11/2013 Demon’s Souls was an imported game that I had spotted at my local GameTraders long before it was officially released in Australia. For many months, I considered purchasing it, but with only an average review from Japanese magazine, Famitsu, to reference; I was not entirely confident. Needless to say, I was […]



Platform(s): Microsoft Exclusive Release: 14/03/2014 When pulled to pieces, it could easily be surmised there isn’t a single new idea in Titanfall. The storyline reads like Firefly fan-fiction, Mechwarrior did the mech thing first (and Hawken is doing it right now) and team-based FPS’s are hardly unique. However, with that said, the whole package comes […]

inFAMOUS Second Son


Platform(s): PS4 Exclusive Release: 21/03/2014 Since the PlayStation 4’s announcement, inFamous Second Son has been the carrot at the end of the proverbial PS4 stick. Second Son was to be the first big, new, first-party title to contend for Sony’s next-gen system. And so, after months of waiting, it’s finally here! I’m not the kind […]

Corporate Lifestyle Simulator


Platform(s): PC Exclusive Release: 13/3/2014 I’m not the biggest fan of my day job. Sure, I have the occasional good day at the office, but most of the time I’m highly stressed and fighting to meet deadlines. Those chaotic days play on my mind and frustrate me even when I’m at home. Sometimes, I need […]