Sometimes a game comes along that makes you feel an immense sense of dread within the first five minutes of play. Bombshell manages to pull it off in three. This is a game so painfully buggy and inexplicably messy that it’s almost impossible to compare […]

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The Witness


Renowned independent developer Jonathan Blow’s debut title (Braid, a 2D time manipulating puzzle-platformer) was more than just your typical Xbox Arcade release; it was something truly special. Having been cited by countless developers as a source of inspiration—as well as heavily featured in the 2012 […]

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Darkest Dungeon


After a lot of time with the game, I’m quite fond of Darkest Dungeon though its hands down one of the most challenging games I’ve ever played. It would be near-perfect if it weren’t a virtual embodiment of a developer’s hatred for player agency, so […]

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Gravity Rush Remastered


How many games have you played in which you navigate an open, three-dimensional environment by changing the pull of gravity and falling in any direction you wish? Gravity Rush is a game unlike any other. This Remastered release brings the Vita gem to PS4, along […]

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Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak


It’s been a while since the words ‘New Homeworld’ have been muttered, but it’s finally here. A real, not kinda-maybe-happening sequel for Homeworld, and it’s… Set on a planet!? The ground might seem like a strange place to set a story about vast space-faring civilisations, […]

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The late ’90s and early 2000s were an interesting time for the merging of music and video games. Sure, music has always been a part of the interactive medium, but it was the days of the PSX era giving way to the PS2 that we […]

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Undertale: just another GameMaker-crafted story with basic graphics and an amusing plotline, right? Well… not quite. Undertale was largely developed and produced by Toby Fox, and was released in September 2015. It has already sold over 800,000 copies through Steam and was nominated for multiple […]

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Beyond: Two Souls Remastered


Known for their focus on cinematicesque storytelling through preceding games such as Heavy Rain and Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy, in 2013, Quantic Dream and their infamous writer/director David Cage came out with their latest offering to date – Beyond: Two Souls. As of last month, it has […]

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Fat Princess Adventures


There are a handful of great PlayStation properties of which I’d love to see more. Parappa The Rapper, Medievil, Heavenly Sword – all games I could see becoming important first-party franchises if given the opportunity. A more likely, lesser known title to fit this bill […]

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Station Stop


Nine score and five years ago, George Stephenson (“the father of railways”) opened the first public inter-city railway to use steam locomotives. Trains traveled at a top speed of 27km/h, and if there were a breakdown on the track, a policeman (stationed each mile along […]

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