There’s a burger place in Mt Lawley that serves ‘challenge’ burgers. These beasts of dead cattle are somewhere between 95-98% beef, and the buns are there as a formality more than anything else. These behemoths have hospitalised people, and a rare few manage to get […]

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Metroid Prime: Federation Force


Metroid Prime: Federation Force is the game that no one wanted but was still forced upon us as a less-than-grand way of marking Metroid’s 30th anniversary year. I really wasn’t expecting much going in, in fact, I was expecting it to be outright terrible. Perhaps […]

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Grow Up


I first came across ‘Grow Home’ while scouring casual downloads on Playstation Plus, in attempts to coax a friend away from yet another humdrum round of NBA 2K. As nice as it is to see someone passionate about their go-to game, when they take it […]

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided


My introduction to Deus Ex began with a trailer back in 2010—yeah, you know the one. With its iconic black and gold aesthetic, cyberpunk themes, references to Greek mythology, and one of the most famous one-liners in gaming today: “I never asked for this…” Deus […]

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When combining genres, mixing Character Action and Shoot ‘em ups together seems like an odd combination as well as a very ambitious task. However, the Game Bakers took on this challenge and managed to execute a challenging bullet hell style game with tight melee swordplay. […]

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Mother Russia Bleeds


Beat ‘em ups were once arcade staples (when arcades were the staple) that started to go out of fashion as home consoles became more powerful and the genre itself became stale. When your 20-40 cent coin/s were at stake, each play basically amounted to a […]

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I’m stuck. I’ve been walking around these same areas for a solid half-hour now without a damn clue as to where to go next. I can feel the end is near, the sweet, tantalising nectar of conclusion beckoning at my footsteps, but how the hell […]

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Generally, when people discuss anime that have made it into the pop culture lexicon, names such as Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Bleach, Naruto, and more are thrown around. However, heading into the late 2000s, it seemed that once a year one series would receive […]

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Worms W.M.D


One of the first games I can remember playing as a kid was Scorched Earth, which placed players in tanks and pitted them against one another on a fairly basic landscape. It had things like different weapon types, environmental factors that affected shot speed and […]

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No Man’s Sky


Author’s Note: I would love to have taken some screenshots to illustrate my points a bit better, but as you might have heard, the PC version of the game is a little crash-prone when it comes to alt-tabbing, screenshots or being opened. Apologies for the […]

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