Resident Evil HD Remaster


Developer: Capcom Platform(s): Multi-Platform Release: 20/01/2015 I should begin by stating that I never played the original Resident Evil (RE). You see, during the PSone era, I was a big fan of Silent Hill (as it’s what I got first), so naturally I feigned indifference […]

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Captain Toad Treasure Tracker


Developer: Nintendo Platform(s): Wii U Exclusive Release: 03/01/2015 I wasn’t expecting much with Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t a great little title to start this year for Nintendo. You start playing the moment the game loads, placing you in […]

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Funk of Titans


Developer: A Crowd of Monsters Platform(s): Xbox One Exclusive Release: 09/01/2015 When I first saw screenshots for Funk of Titans, I had assumed it was going to be a beat ‘em up platformer set within a vibrant Greek landscape. Created by the indie team, A […]

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Developer: SeeThrough Studios Platform(s): PC, MAC & Linux Release: 20/11/2014 Quantum physics is weird. There’s a lot of particles interacting and annihilating with one another because of forces that scientifically make sense, but piecing it all together to fully grasp any of what’s happening can […]

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Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX


Platform(s): PS3 Exclusive Release: 04/12/2014 If you’re a lover of Disney movies and games by Square-Enix like me, you’ve almost certainly heard of the Kingdom Hearts series: a slightly odd but endearing merger of the two media. The release of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix […]

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The Crew


Platform(s): Multi-Platform Release: 02/12/2014 The Crew is the newest franchise from Ubisoft, labeling itself as a “Massive Multiplayer Sandbox” for racing games, and promising to deliver on high-caliber, high-speed, racing thrills. Set in a condensed, yet still massive, recreation of the United States of America, […]

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The Talos Principle


Platform(s): PC, MAC & Linux Release: 11/12/2014 It’s been quite awhile since I last invested myself into a puzzle game, but from what I heard about The Talos Principle before launch, it was seemingly going to be a decent experience. Admittedly, I had some initial […]

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Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris


Platform(s): Multi-Platform Release: 09/12/2014 Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris is the successor to Lara Croft and the Guardians of Light; the wildly successful beginning of the tangential Lara Croft franchise. Available now for digital download on Xbox One, PS4 and Steam, it has […]

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Dragon Age: Inquisition


Platform(s): Multi-Platform Release: 20/11/2014 Dragon Age, once a side-project to BioWare’s popular Mass Effect series, is a franchise that quickly grew from zero to hero. The first game, Dragon Age: Origins, wasn’t a great looking game, even for the time, but the development team had […]

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Farming Simulator 15


Platform(s):Multi-Platform Release: 30/10/2014 30 hours. I pumped 30 god damn hours into this game. I could barely take 30 seconds, let alone 30 hours, so why was I so compelled to keep going? What foul eldritch horror convinced me to keep farming when I knew […]

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