About GameCloud

Founded by William Kirk in 2012, GameCloud is an online games media outlet based in Perth, Western Australia.

Originally conceived as a platform to pursue a passion for writing, local interest in GameCloud quickly ensued and it became apparent there was potential to create something more influential than just another gaming blog. GameCloud was founded in a city that had a history of being excluded from the mainstream, and with a budding indie scene and no local media coverage, it was a great opportunity to establish a voice and presence that Perth gamers could look to.

With a team of more than twenty volunteers now, GameCloud has continued to grow over the years with hundreds of articles published annually, long-lasting partnerships with organisations in the industry, and the support of thousands of dedicated followers across social media. Despite this growth, however, we’ve embraced a strict not-for-profit policy.

GameCloud could best be described as boutique media venture that’s driven by traditional values, strong ethics, and a passion for written content. We aim to be progressive in our perception of the industry and the voice that requires by producing reviews, features, and original content that is free from profiteering and inclusive of all player demographics.


GameCloud Writers Application Form

GameCloud Writers Application Form
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