Raven’s Cry

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Date(s) - 26/01/2015
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A young Scottish boy and his family try to escape the famine in late 17th century by getting aboard a ship bound for the New World. Near Jamaica their ship is attacked by ruthless pirates. The boy, Christopher Raven, is the sole survivor. Christopher lost his left hand then, but years later the road to vengeance might see him lose his soul too. The game begins when Christopher embarks on a journey to track down and kill the people responsible for murdering his family.

There is no specific year or date for the events. Real world historical events and persons are woven into the story to mix fact with fiction. The story is divided into chapters and in these chapters, Christopher is tracking down a particular pirate known as Neville Scranton who he blames the leading the assault, as well as all former pirates who took part in the massacre of the only people he has ever loved.

Raven’s Cry is a dark themed action-adventure that will reinvent the image of the pirate in popular culture. Instead of the usual glamorous but light-hearted pirates that have been popularized by the generations of pirate fiction, players will assume the role of Christopher Raven, a troubled anti-hero who has turned pirate to avenge his murdered kin. The game repletes with all manners’ of dynamic combat and atmospheric set pieces that showcase the sinister beauty of the 17th century Caribbean. Raven’s Cry thoroughly submerges players in a lavishly detailed world of treachery and adventure.

Players will visit diverse locations from the unsavory pirate-run Jamaican haven of Port Royal to the ancient Aztec city lost deep in the steaming South American jungle. The gripping, character driven story is divided into six chapters, each featuring multiple locations and their own unique missions, themes and characters. The combat is fast & brutal. Arcade style hack n’ slash is combined with historical weaponry & special skills that bring a tactical element to the combat. Opponents bleed and suffer, which enhances the moral aspects of the game. Offering many innovative and engaging game elements, Raven’s Cry will immerse players in an epic story that they can genuinely affect. And one that they will never forget.



  • Action adventure set in the age when pirates plagued the Caribbean
  • Tactical yet brutal melee combat
  • Cast of memorable characters
  • Use special moves abilities like Fear and Frenzy to overcome enemies
  • Main storyline that you can really affect
  • Deadly duels with dangerous characters
  • Dark-themed pirate setting
  • Unique combat by combining melee combat & historical weaponry




Please note: the synopsis and feature list above was sourced from ebgames.com.au, an Australian game retailer.