Halo 5: Guardians is almost upon us (October 27th), which has us thinking about how much history this franchise has behind it. Whether you’re heavily into the lore and have stuck with it the entire way, or maybe just used to play it with friends in high school; it’s safe to say Halo has a fond place in many of our memories, at least at some point anyway.

If you have any favourite moments or memories with the Halo franchise, please share them with us. Whether it’s a particular moment from one of the games or an experience you had playing local co-op or online, we want to hear them all. The first time you got an overkill, or finishing the fight in Halo 3 – as long as it’s Halo related, it all counts.

We have a custom Halo-inspired Xbox One controller from Down Unda Gaming to give away for the best answer!

Winning Submission


Winner: Ming Vuong
Game Title: Halo 2

They called him Dual Blaster Ben
Who had a KDR of 10
My Halo 2 arch rival
I cocked up my rifle,
But two plasma shots met my end

Undefeated and true to his rep
Two weapons were all that he kept
One needler is fine, but two and you’ll find
Before you react you’re dead

‘I’ll take on anyone!’ he yelled,
So onto a sniper I held
I’ll get you this time
I thought in my mind,
Until my team mate yelled ‘behind!’

Then one day we played on PC
‘$50 if you can beat me’
I aimed at his head
His face turned all red
My shield still had energy

‘Screw this man you are a cheat
There’s no way that I can be beat
Where are my two guns?
This game is no fun’
He never lived down his defeat!

Honourable Mention: Finalists


Finalist #1: Nathan Hart
Game Title: Halo Reach

I would have to say my favorite halo memory would be when I lived in a small town, every weekend we would go play halo reach on system link with 4 players on each TV with two Xbox consoles, but we wouldn’t just play any maps that were already on the games playlist before the weekends so during the week I would spend all my time from after school making these amazing game types and maps for us to enjoy, from races to fun infection last man standing race tracks where humans would have mongooses and infection players would have warthogs the map was at the top of the limit of forge world so if you fell you would be killed and turned to infection the aim was to knock the survivors of the edge by any means.

The greatest feeling was when my friends enjoyed the maps and I saw everyone laughing and having fun, it made me so happy to see my friends find enjoyment in that so every week I would push myself to find more ways to improve the maps and I remember this one time we were playing a race and it might not sound that funny but at the moment it had everyone in tears my friend in the warthog was rammed by all the survivors on all the five mongooses, which was funny as hell, the warthog was half way of the edge so I decided to see what would happened if I hit the back and so I hit the back and slowly the warthog tilted of the edge and as I thought I had the last laugh he jumped out at the last second and sword lunged towards me and actually ended up killing me and so I could not stop laughing at how ridiculous that was. I have had a lot of great and enjoyable moments in Halo, and I hope to have many more. 🙂

Finalist #2: Lindanator
Game Title: Halo 2

The first time I sniped the driver of a warthog whilst it was barrelling down the beach. One shot. One kill. Straight through the windshield. It was my boyfriend at the time and I heard him scream with fright from the other room, cause he wasn’t expecting it. Best moment ever!

Finalist #3: Wern
Game Title: Halo Reach

This clip! I was playing with a friend and shot through a tiny gap, hitting a double ricochet headshot. I screamed for a fair while! haha

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