It’s now September and player hype is bountiful with so many major releases coming up in the next couple of months. No doubt we’re cautiously optimistic about some games while a few likely have us hook-line-and-sinker already!

Let’s first consider the sad reality of gaming, however, because there is always at least one game that doesn’t live up to our expectations. Whether it’s because it was falsely advertised, over-hyped, not what we were expecting, the game was full of bugs, or maybe it simply wasn’t very good. It happens, it sucks, and we want to hear your stories.

If you have ever been disappointed in a game – any game, ever – please tell us about it, and you could score yourself a custom PS4 controller, courtesy of our friends over at Down Unda Gaming. Just fill out the form below to enter.

Winning Submission


Winner: Reece Schrader
Game Title: Dead Island

Dead Island. We all know the trailer, of how beautiful it looked, the dramatic story of the family being killed by zombies during their holiday, and then came the “game”…just…yeah.

Dead Island seemed like an average zombie styled game. It had no specialty to it, nothing that made it stand out, no award winning feature no one had seen before, just your average MA15+ Zombie Action Game that was full of gore, missions that would make you run from one side of the map to the other, average combat and HORRIBLE vehicle controls. There was barely any customization when it came to character skills, one character was EXTREMELY OP (Yeah, we’re looking at you, Logan) and the voice acting just felt plain boring.

The game did have its moments when it made you go, “OH SH*T RUN!” but even that was rare. The game made you do all these missions, making you feel as if you were doing something helpful, but when you hit the end of the game and see the ending (CONTAINS SPOILERS) where you’re told that the island is about to be nuked, it makes you feel like everything you did was just a waste of sweet, delicious time.

Overall, the game was basically a chore.

Honourable Mention:


Runner-Up: Samuel Joynt
Game Title: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

While I braved the narrow corridors of Final Fantasy XIII, and the strange decision to focus on the hero’s sister in Final Fantasy XIII-2, I still found pleasure in the environments of the first and the tragic, time-jumping story of the second game.

“Oh cool,” I thought to myself, as Lightning was brought back as the protagonist for the final game in the series, and the combat was much crisper than ever; how bitterly disappointed I was that the game turned out to be a series of fetch quests, delivered to you in a string of non-voiced conversations with NPCs who looked awful, all the while you are made to stress about taking any time to enjoy yourself as a countdown clock rushes to prematurely end the game for you if you are not careful.

There was no real fear brought about by this gameplay choice, such as one scary-ass moon crashing into the world in Majora’s Mask; instead it was more of a “crap, if I don’t get this done in time I’m going to have to drag myself through all this garbage again.” A miserable end to a series of games that, while flawed, still provided a few interesting wrinkles up until this abomination.

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