E3 is like Christmas for gamers, and there was no shortage of big surprises this year! But was the best game of all?

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Winning Submission


Winner: Ben Fitzpatrick
Game Title: Fallout 4

Lets face it, the way Bethesda handled the whole process was brilliant, and unlike what we’ve seen at any other E3 to date. Here is my reason why:

We were all a bit surprised at the sudden announcement of Fallout 4 just over a week before E3 was to kick off, especially considering that this was Bethesda’s first conference ever at E3… So, blowing the lid on one of the most anticipated video games of the current generation before their conference was seen as a risky move. How could they possibly top that during their show?

And then Todd Howard comes on to the stage, and proceeds to just completely blow our minds with all the new features that the game will include… I lost hundreds of hours of my life to Fallout 3, as did many other gamers I’m certain. But I am lost for words when I try to sum up exactly how dangerous this next game will be to my productivity… The crafting system alone is going to steal months of my life away from me as I make my way through post-apocalyptic Boston looting everything on the map to then build into new weapons and fortifications for my bases… You can build your own towns and customise your own power armour, for crying out loud! I can’t even begin to start wrapping my head around how much they’ve added to the old while bringing in the new.

Then, to top it all off, we’re given a release date. It’s common for games showcased at E3 for the first time to come out a year or two after the announcement. Not this one, instead we just have to wait 5 months! November 10 release for XB1, PS4 and PC!?

There was a lot at this year’s E3 to get excited over, it was one of the best we’ve seen in years, but for me the clear winner of the show was Fallout 4. I was tempted to choose the FFVII Remake, but we just haven’t seen enough of that game yet to be certain.


Honourable Mention: Finalists


Finalist #1: Shaun Cockerill
Game Title: Final Fantasy VII Remake

When you’re talking about games from a series of press conferences, the best one is obviously the one that causes the best hype and crowd reactions. Full of vague promises and speculation, Final Fantasy VII Remake tops the cake.

With only a brief mention, and an epic, but short, teaser trailer, Final Fantasy VII Remake was placed in the centre of two presentations, purely to keep the hype level high. The name itself is enough to grab attention, and Both Sony and Square realised that a short/high impact presentation was sufficient.

Ever since the release of Final Fantasy VII, with it’s compelling story and active timed battle system, fans have always wanted more. Spin offs with different main characters, and games that overlap universes, have only increased the number of people who love the franchise and want more.

It wasn’t until fans got a taste of the Plastation 3 Tech Demo that the need for a remake or re-imagining of the original soared. When Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children was released, this increased further. Each year, rumours and speculation proliferate, however, while we still have a potentially long development ahead of us, we now know that there is an end goal.

Due to the title containing the word ‘remake’, the storyline, inventory, characters, and battle system should remain close to the original, with only slight modifications. Regardless, there is also speculation that it’ll expand each of the characters’ backgrounds, including, but not limited to, Zack and Denzel.

Given the fact that we have Tetsuya Nomura directing the development of this game, the high standards expected of Square, and the high standards expected of the title, the best game of E3 is Final Fantasy VII Remake!

Finalist #2: Joe DelFranco
Game Title: Horizon: Zero Dawn

Beside the fact that the gameplay was thoroughly entertaining, you can see that the mechanics lend themselves well to a great interactive expereince with multiple strategies. For me, however, it seems that Guerrilla Games are upping the ante when it comes to story. My questions weren’t necesarrily negative toward the obscene nature of cavemen vs robot dinosaurs, they were aimed toward the nature of the world: what was the darkness and how did we succumb to it? Why are there people that still know the language but don’t know the technology? Is there some supreme group of humans in a distant part of the land controlling this new ecosystem? I am so intrigued by the possibilities.

It also doesn’t hurt that the female protagonist isn’t being showcased as eye candy, but is instead a capable warrior, one that I want to see more about.

In a conference that showed The Last Guardian, Shenmue III reveal, a FFVII remake, Uncharted 4 gameplay and more, it impresses me that this new IP seemed just as important and overshadowed some of the more popular titles.

Finalist #3: William Ashley
Game Title: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

This game is the culmination of all the metal gear games to come before it, it’s built upon a complex story (albeit one full of retcons now), that twist and bend history, and historical fact seamlessly into fiction, that can be quite believable with little to no “suspension of belief” just due to what we know of military technology and prototyping.

The sillyiness of parts of the story have helped keep the serious tone of the game grounded with out it becoming so depressing, and while the game features anti-nuclear undertones, and even anti-war sentiments, it weaves them beautifully into the story, that has helped shape the world view of many, without beating you over the head with it to try and push some agenda.

Now, onto a more technical aspect, Metal Gear as a franchise is truly the grand-daddy of stealth games, it took the typical run and gun, shoot every enemy you see, on it’s head, it actively punished you for engaging in combat, and held the “sneaking” part of the story true, it threw never ending enemies at you as long as you stayed spotted, and would dock you points at the end of the game for each (non-boss) kill, and for being spotted.

Metal Gear has influenced many games in their stealth elements, from Assassins Creed, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and even subtle nods to the franchise, such as “The Foxiest of Hounds” achievement in DEHR.

With this game being the last Kojima produced Metal Gear game, and while it may not take the crown for GOTY, passing that up to other games such as Witcher 3, with a game franchise that’s been around for 28 years, it is certainly E3 2015’s best game.

Finalist #4: Liam Fletcher
Game Title: Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars fans having been waiting pretty much 10 years for this game! We were so close last time, with 97% being completed (or however close it was), and now every Star Wars fan is crying because of this! I know that many people who watched the Battlefront gameplay from E3 2015 got goosebumps! But who gets that for FIFA? Or any other game that’s always there and is over-rated? THIS IS STAR WARS!? DO YOU NEED ANY MORE REASONS!?

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