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RPGs are a hot topic right now, and we just so happen to have several copies of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Xbox One) to give away. If you’d like to be in the running, just fill out the form below. It’s as simple as BEST ANSWER WINS!

* There is no word limit, all you have to do is be convincing. Submissions will close June 12, 2015 at 5:00pm AWST.

Winning Submissions


Winning Submission #1 – Dylan Tong

RPG Title: Suikoden 2

So many things. SO MANY THINGS. It’s a journey that is simultaneously grandiose and intimate, somehow juggling both sweeping political machinations and close personal friendships without missing a beat. There’s a villain, Luca Blight, who ranks among the most terrifying creatures to ever appear in a video game. The characters are lovely. The story can be heartbreaking. It looks great. It sounds great. The combat is really satisfying. There’s a cooking mini-game. There are flying squirrels. There’s friendship and betrayal and love and death.

Also, you get to run your own castle.
Winning Submission #2 – Liam S. Smith

RPG Title: Fallout New Vegas

A great RPG gives the player agency, both in determining who or what their character is, and their role in the story.

The Fallout series provides ample opportunity for a player to craft a character to their own specification with three character building systems- S.P.E.C.I.A.L., Perks and character skills. In addition to determining what the character is physically and mentally capable of, investing points in these various systems provide means for the player to determine their character’s personality, allowing access to unique dialogue options reflecting the character’s abilities (e.g. A high intelligence stat), interests (e.g. specialised knowledge based on skills, such as science, survival or guns) and motivations (The Confirmed Bachelor Perk provides a male character with a damage bonus against males and unlocks certain flirtatious dialogue choices with other men.)

Additionally the New Vegas setting provides an engaging sandbox for the player to explore and the freedom to determine who their character sides with in the ongoing conflict for Vegas- the autocratic Mr House, the New California Republic or the Tyrannical Caesar, or the path of independence. This setup provides the player with the agency to carve their character’s own path in the world dependent on their own whim.

Spread throughout the wasteland are compelling, and sometimes wacky subplots the player is free to engage with at their leisure, such as the irradiated ghouls building a spaceship to travel to a new world. Furthermore, the game’s roster of DLC provides a number of themed modules to explore, including a post-apocalyptic casino heist, sci-fi B movie hijinks and an epilogue to the player’s story.

And if that’s not enough for you, there’s an extensive modding community allowing players to tailor their experience to their specifications.

Plus the recent Fallout games’ radio systems are just so charming.
Winning Submission #3 – Jen

RPG Title: Secret of Mana

Excellent story, fun characters, exciting combat. Loved the music. Had to play in secret in the middle of the night in high school to finish it, very satisfying victory!
Winning Submission #4 – Ben Clarke

RPG Title: EVE Online

You can do absolutely anything you want! There is very little in the way of driving storyline, very much an open world type game. I also enjoy how it ties in with it’s spin-off games, Dust 514 and Valkyrie. The graphics are absolutely stunning and the gameplay, whilst difficult to come to terms with at first, is easy to use once accustomed to it. An excellent MMORPG
Honourable Mention – Sammi Luo

Game: Spyro: Year of The Dragon

This game is the best (in my opinion). Full stop. I don’t even know if it’s an RPG but who cares?! IT”S STILL THE BEST. Even better than the prize you’re going to give me. I’m sure of it. If you don’t i’ll cry. This game is the very light in my childhood. I always remember sneaking into my sister’s dark haunting room (she was in school back then), connecting all those hard wires together, switching on that playstation and hearing the epic opening music that resounded around the entire house. Then i’ll spend hours playing, breaking jars, collecting gems, talking to annoying dare-devil tiger guy, headbutting those tricky lil’ thieves in the arse and so on. When my sister comes home, she’ll scold me for sneaking into her “lair” however, she soon joins me and helps Spyro kickass! (don’t worry, we always complete our homeworks after dinner but then we’ll continue playing!). ~I hope your still reading this~ I guess it’s not really the “content” in the game that makes it the best but the time and role it has played in my childhood were unarguably special. It brought me and my sister closer and generated my love for dragons and such critters. To be honest, i wouldn’t be so in love with games right now if it wasn’t for this game. Despite it’s ancient graphics, i really hope you guys try it too. I wish you luck with the bosses that require a lot of strategies and solving.

PS. Especially wish you luck on those bastard thieves who always run in circles. Spent 3hrs on one of them. I regret nothing.

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