2015 is a year filled with big sequels such as Metal Gear Solid 5, Halo 5: Guardians and Fallout 4, just to name a few.

These could be the definitive entires of their series, but there are still many others being churned out each year for a quick buck. This was not always the case, though. This month we’re looking at the sequels that mattered, specifically those which evolved franchises by building upon their predecessors to deliver vastly superior gaming experiences.

If you think you have a good answer, please tell us below what sequel you think is the best and why. We have a ‘Red Splatter‘ Xbox One controller from Down Unda Gaming to GIVE AWAY to whoever has most convincing submission!


Winning Submission


Winner: Sarah Kingsbridge
Game Title: Batman: Arkham City

When Batman Arkham Asylum came out across our previous generation of consoles and PC, never had I been more in love with the Batman franchise. The game opened with the Joker being taken into Arkham Asylum as the opening credits played. You got to zoom in on the incredibly grunge Joker as he teased Bats. You also got to zoom in on Batmans insane pecs. The game was thoughtfully designed, bringing familiar voice actors to the table such as Mark Hamill to voice the Joker and Kevin Conroy as Batman. Both voice actors were from the TV series and the game proved that with a great team at the helm of the game design, it seemed only appropriate to create a sequel and boy did they deliver!

Arkham City is quite possibly the best game devised in the entire Arkham series in my opinion. Was it because you got to play as Catwoman and satisfy your S&M fantasies as you whipped thugs into submission? Or was it because Batman was brooding as ever and had even more muscles exploding from his suit. Was it because of those killer combos and vast array of weapons? (I’m sure you found it just as satisfying to watch Batman carefully draw a Bat on a wall with a gun) Was it the challenging and enjoyable Riddler puzzles? Was it the vast open world map? I’d say it was heavily due to the transition of the small Arkham Island from Arkham Asylum to the vast transformation of part of Gotham into a sprawling gigantic world to explore. Did you see those Scarecrow levels??? I was genuinely scared every time I played them. What about zip -lining several hundred metres through the air? Or scaling a wall in tight leather? There are so many great aspects of this game that I cannot list them all. Arkham City really made the Arkham series explode in terms of scale, brilliant storytelling and magnificent pacing. It was like the GTA of Batman and for anyone who loved the comics or the TV series, heck even the terrible movies from the 90s is sure to enjoy the satisfaction that is Batman Arkham City. It also won Game of the Year for 2011. What’s not to love!

Honourable Mention: Finalists


Finalist #1: Nathan Hart
Game Title: The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time

Do I even need to answer this question? I am assuming I should, since you bothered putting the question into the application. But it is Ocarina of Time. It’s legendary and a huge pick up from the crappy 2d pixels they had for Legend of Zelda 2. You just can’t insult Ocarina of Time. It’s like saying that the Xbox 360 wasn’t as good as the original Xbox, or that Top Gun didn’t once make you say “Danger Zone!!” Saying any such lies should result in you checking yourself into a mental asylum, because something clearly ain’t right if you don’t understand how awesome any of these things are. So please don’t pick me because you feel like you have a moral obligation to pick Ocarina of Time.

But you do have a moral obligation…

Finalist #2: Shaun Cockerill
Game Title: Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is the best fun you’ll have running around wastelands, completing missions and blowing things up, since the original game. You can easily play with a friend, however, it’s just as enjoyable when played on your own. It’s packed full of memes, as well as humorous and memorable quotes and characters, including but not limited to, a robot with a huge complex, and a sweet weapon that comments about things when fired or enemies are killed.

Borderlands 2 improved upon the story and character development of the first, added a greater variety of locations and areas, and even comes “complete with a mini-map”. With loveable characters, weapon and vehicle customisations, cell shaded character models and a storybook like landscape, Borderlands provides a whole planet worth of fun and enjoyment.

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