An RPG Set in a Brutal Dieselpunk Universe

InSomnia is an atmospheric single-player/co-op RPG set in a “living” dieselpunk sandbox with real-time tactical gameplay. The game is currently seeking crowd-funding on Kickstarter to raise funding for development, so we reached out to Anatoliy Guyduk, the game’s lead developer, to tell us more about their exciting new project!

Could you tell us a little bit about Studio MONO, as well as your role with the project?

Anatoliy: Hi! I’m Anatoliy Guyduk, the lead developer of InSomnia RPG, and one of the authors on this project. Studio MONO is a team of freaky geeks with a fanatical desire to make a complex, quality, large-scale RPG. We are a team of people from all over the world: Japan, Malaysia, Russia, USA, UK, Netherland, Ukrain, Lithuania – you name it!

What was the inspiration behind InSomnia, and who thought of the name?

Anatoliy: InSomnia is still the working name of the project, so maybe it will change when it comes to release, maybe not, but the name of the project has a really strong connection with the plot and storyline. We have many sources of inspiration, such as cinema, literature, 1-2 World War documentaries, etc. However, if we’re talking about video game inspiration then; Classical Fallout series 1-2. Planescape-Torment, Baldur’s Gate; so all big complex old school RPGs.


Can you tell us about your decision to use Kickstarter as a way to fund the game?

Anatoliy: It’s actually more of a psychological element; we all know it’s not possible to build such a game on $70,000 alone. We’ve invested our own money already in the project, as well, and do our best to invest more where possible, but this is really very risky for us. In fact, we need to risk a lot after the campaign by starting to work fulltime on the project and investing further in it. It is not an easy decision, and Kickstarter could help to show if our ideas are interesting. Of course, we’re making the game of our dreams, but we want to make the game for RPG fans, so we decided that if the campaign is successful, InSomnia RPG has a right to be, and we will continue work!

How would you best explain InSomnia to someone unfamiliar with the game?

Anatoliy: The Story takes place on a gargantuan, half-deserted space station known as “The Ark” that is slowly making its way toward an elusive planet known only as the “Evacuation Point.” The Ark is inhabited by the descendants of the Nomans, a race of people who escaped their home planet several centuries earlier when it had become uninhabitable due to a cataclysmic conflict between the “Republic of Noma” and the “SORG Regime”. You play as a character who awakens from cryogenic sleep, who, unknowingly, holds the future of humanity in their hands.
What has been the biggest challenge since you’ve been working on InSomnia?

Anatoliy: The biggest challenge was not to stop the development. There were several times where things were not going so well, where we could have given up. So, with that thought, I would definitely say it was about perseverance.
Could you tell us how you feel InSomnia stands apart from other games in the genre?

Anatoliy: From our aesthetics to the setting, we feel that we’re offering something truly unique. Add to this a rich storyline, decisions that affect not only the plot, but the game’s climax, and a team deeply inspired by classic RPGs, means that we’re excited to be creating a game that’ll pay homage to the past while still pushing boundaries.

Have there been any mechanics that you wanted to include, but didn’t make the cut?

Anatoliy: There are actually a lot of diffeent mechanics that we’re not sure about. We still have a lot to do, as well as a lot of experiments and beta testing within our community. That way we can get feedback from players and make various corrections and updates as we move forward. Maybe it’s too early for this question, I think. Let’s follow up that question in around 6-8 months time, and then I will be able to tell you what we decide not to include and why.
We’re getting a bit of an old school fallout vibe. Can you tell us more about the artistic direction?

Anatoliy: We are dedicating a lot of time toward creating a really unique look & feel within InSomnia RPG. Our RPG is based in a complicated setting, consisting of many different stylistics and inspirations, from Retro-futurism to Noir, Dieselpunk, Atom Punk and Tesla Punk dark monumental Art Deco elements. A lot of prototypes were taken from various documentaries of the first and second World Wars, so we spent a lot of time gathering prototypes and making moodboards. We also created a lot of hand sketches, we tried multiple experiments with styling to get from what we wanted to where we are now, and there is still a lot to be done! We’re determined to create a unique look to InSomnia RPG; Atmospheric locations, charismatic characters, monumental architecture of Noma republic, a strange style for the Sorg Regime, etc. The main task for us is to put all of the different parts of these different styles into one balanced, organic and realistic world. It is really hard work, but it’s also very interesting to experience as it all comes together.
Can you tell us something new about the game that we can share with our readers?

Anatoliy: Hmm… let me think about it. Okay, several days ago there was a contact between Myself and Mark Morgan, the composer of the original Fallout games. We are currently discussing the opportunity of working together on InSomnia RPG, but everything is not decided yet. There is a possibility of our collaboration, however, which I think will be really good surprise for some people – just keep that quiet, though, as it is currently a secret. =)

Finally, how can we help, and when will our readers be able to get their hands on the game?

Anatoliy: If you like the concept InSomnia, you can help us on Kickstarter by backing the project, or simply by spreading the word and telling your friends about it. This is really important for making InSomnia RPG a reality, so thank you for your questions. It was a pleasure to answer on them! Hopefully, we will have an estimated date soon.


To contribute to the InSomina Kickstarter campaign, please visit this page: Click Here

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