There has been a lot of excitement and rumours about Dark Souls II buzzing across the internet this past week. It is no secret that some of the information released by the new directors of the series have a lot of the fans nervous.

It is currently a topic of high speculation and all we can do is look at what has been released thus far. The purpose of this article is to take all the information that has been collected and place it into a single place for viewing.

  • Miyazaki is still involved in a minor role as the game’s supervisor.
  • Shibuya and Tanimura want to evolve the franchise and take it into the new and exciting territory.
  • The game is currently 25% complete, so it may not make a 2013 release.
  • The team working on Dark Souls II is twice the size of the previous game
  • Miyazaki was disappointed the original Dark Souls required patching.
  • The game will not be released until the team is confident it is complete.
  • It has been confirmed no individual items will be sold as DLC.
  • Server based PVP has been reintroduced for the sequel.
  • The idea of increasing online player interaction has been discussed.
  • The game will use a new graphics engine, the team are aiming for photo-realism.
  • The graphics are said to close to the quality of the announcement trailer.
  • The players movement has been improved for the sequel.
  • Shibuya wants to enhance is the action in the game. He feels that he can contribute because of his experience working on action games in the past.
  • The narrative won’t necessarily be related to the original, the two games take place in different time periods.
  • It does not take place on Lordran. The name of the world is the key of the story, they will reveal it at a later date.
  • It has been mentioned that a major keyword for the game is also “Time”
  • It has been hinted that the players introduction to the game will be a lot more accessible.
  • Once the players have been introduced to the world, they will then experience the “True Dark Souls Experience”
  • Shibuya says he wants to make things like the Covenant system clearer and more accessible, and he wants to make the story and messaging less subtle.
  • It has been promised that there will still be “hidden” elements in the story and world which can be missed.
  • The map is roughly the same size, but has more content and more “areas of interest”.
  • In designing map areas, the main concept was to create areas that had not been in previous games.
  • The player’s ability to parse meaning from subtle hints or clues will play a larger role in the game.
  • A system will be implemented that will let you reveal the clues you’ve learned throughout the course of the game.


Information Source: http://gamingeverything.com & EDGE Magazine

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