Ubisoft released a new trailer for Watch Dogs earlier today, and the fan reception so far has not been very good. Up until this trailer, the public had only ever been shown the game running on “Next-Gen” spec PCs as well as the PS4 during the Sony E3 conference, and needless to say it has appeared to be nothing less than stunning.


However, what we have seen today is a different story altogether, and the online feedback from fans has quickly seized on the differences between the footage shown in the new trailer and that shown at the E3 earlier this year. In fact, some people are going as far as to compare the visuals to older games like Grand Theft Auto IV.

As we had not seen any current generation footage prior to today, I wouldn’t say this kind of reaction was entirely unexpected, and I don’t think Ubisoft can be blamed for withholding it as it’s been clear from its announcement that this was always intended as a “Next-Gen” experience. Watch Dogs is a massive open world game that clearly has a lot more going for it than some “pretty graphics”, and I believe preserving the core functionality of the gameplay is more important than anything else for those who will not be moving onto new platforms any time soon and still want to play the game on Xbox 360, PS3 & Wii U.

To be honest, our biggest question to Ubisoft is, does it play the same? As that will certainly be the most important factor. However, we have included two trailers below that showcase both the PS4 demonstration at this years E3 as well the latest trailer which is apparently running on current-gen hardware. Importantly, what do all you think?

Watch Dogs: Aisha Tyler Trailer (Current-Gen Footage?)


Watch Dogs: E3 2013 Gameplay Demonstration (PS4 Footage)

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