Square Enix has officially announced that they will be releasing Final Fantasy X HD and Final Fantasy X-2 HD for the Playstation 3 as a single disc bundle and individually for the Playstation Vita, both editions being released in 2013.

“These games are classic fan-favorites, and we hope that new and old FINAL FANTASY fans can experience the world of Spira and the story of Tidus and Yuna in a brand-new light with these remastered editions,” said Yoshinori Kitase, producer of FINAL FANTASY X and FINAL FANTASY X-2.

It has also been confirmed that both remastered games have been based on the International versions, which featured extra content that many players may have never seen before.

The official announcement trailer FINAL FANTASY X & X-2 HD will be made available on Monday 25th March.

Courtesy of GameChup.com, we are also able to provide you with some comparison screenshots between the original and remastered versions of the game. It goes without saying that this may be one of the best HD Remastering thus far and step back on the right track for Square Enix.

Final Fantasy X Original 1:


Final Fantasy X HD Remaster 1


Final Fantasy X Original 2:


Final Fantasy X HD Remaster 2


Final Fantasy X Original 3:


Final Fantasy X HD Remaster 3


Final Fantasy X Original 4:


Final Fantasy X HD Remaster 4


Final Fantasy X Original 5:


Final Fantasy X HD Remaster 5


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