There are two big things that GameCloud strives to represent: gaming and Perth. Today, we are excited to announce that GameCloud will be teaming up with the Perth Competitive Gaming League (PCGL) as their official media partner.

What this means is that in the future, you will be able to find all major PCGL competitive events listed in our calendar, as well as results from all of the biggest tournaments in Perth and interviews with some of the best local champions.


About The Perth Competitive Gaming League

The Perth Competitive Gaming League was founded in late 2013 by two gaming enthusiasts, Lochlan Taylor and Matthew Ferns. As any good story goes, the two were talking on Facebook about how there’s not much competitive gaming going on in Perth, and being big competitive gaming and eSports fans, they knew something had to change.

PCGL currently has 6 team members, as well as many helpers who all chip in whenever possible. Their goal is to become Australia’s biggest competitive gaming league and to make Australia renowned within the gaming industry.

The first partnered PCGL tournament is coming up soon, which you can find more info about by joining this group.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PerthGamingLeague
Twitter https://twitter.com/PerthCGL

PCGL Team: Lochlan Taylor, Mathew Ferns, John Slater, Tristan Tuddenham, Codey McMillan and Tyler Purcell.

William Kirk

William Kirk

Editor-in-Chief / Founder at GameCloud
Based in Perth, Western Australia, Will has pursued interests in both writing and video games his entire life. As the founder of GameCloud, he has endeavoured to build a team of dedicated writers to represent Perth in the international games industry, as well as unite his local gaming community.
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