“A curated store both physical and digital, distributing and marketing different interactive media, and generally hanging out.”

If you’ve not seen this floating around social media yet, Perth-developer, SK Games have just launched a very modest Kickstarter campaign. Basically, the goal is to raise the money needed to launch a curated store which will focus on selling both physical and digital copies for some of the best independent games Australia (and the world!) has to offer.

For your convenience, I have extracted some of the information from the campaign and included it below. If it sounds like something you’re interested in, please be sure to jump over to the official Kickstarter page to show your support.

Official Kickstarter Page:


I love games, they’ve always had a special place in my heart, and as I’ve grown alongside the industry I’ve shifted my gaze from the mainstream to the fringe. Above all else I enjoy pushing the medium and seeing it pushed by others with the same passion.


I started up SK with an idea of making games that all people would enjoy playing regardless of their prior experience with games. I wanted to expose the public to a wide range of quirky, unique, individual and personal games. Games that thrive on curiosity and social encouragement.

We’ve been creating and curating events and parties around Australia, and at every show I talk to someone who wants to buy the games they’re playing. They don’t want web directions, greenlight pages, dropbox links. They want to hand over some cash and hold something in the taxi home, so that’s exactly what we’re going to create.

The physical products tie into a digital storefront in a simple, accessible way. This way we hope to bring new people into the world of altgames, wherever they may be in the real world.


  • A unique lineup of games and related media
  • Personal explanations of why this stuff is on our store
  • Simple online store selling digital and physical goods
  • Events worldwide showcasing a diverse range of games
  • Marketing and events targeted to a broader audience
  • Collaboration between represented artists
  • Zines and shirts and music and love for sale
  • An open system for more stores to join the community


William Kirk

William Kirk

Editor-in-Chief / Founder at GameCloud
Based in Perth, Western Australia, Will has pursued interests in both writing and video games his entire life. As the founder of GameCloud, he has endeavoured to build a team of dedicated writers to represent Perth in the international games industry as well as unite his local gaming community.
William Kirk
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