Based on the international versions of FFX and FFX-2, Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster brings these timeless classics to the current generation of fans, old and new alike on PC.

Final Fantasy X tells the story of a star blitzball player, Tidus, who journeys with a young and beautiful summoner named Yuna on her quest to save the world of Spira from an endless cycle of destruction wrought by the colossal menace Sin.

Final Fantasy X-2 returns to the world of Spira two years after the beginning of the Eternal Calm. Having been shown a mysterious but familiar image in a sphere, Yuna becomes a Sphere Hunter and along with her companions Rikku and Paine, embarks on a quest around the world to find the answers to the mystery within.

Key Features:
・Characters, monsters, and environments have been fine-tuned to HD detail,
・Option to select between remastered and rearranged BGM,
・International Edition content,
・Auto-save and 5 game boosters: turbo speed, full overdrive meter, enemy encounter toggle, auto battle mode and a hide HUD option
・3 parameter changes which can not be turned off once activated: obtain 99 of each non-key item item in game, unlock all skills and max Gil


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