Get Access Now: Attention Operatives,

We are happy to announce that players who participated in our Closed Beta test and reached at least level 2 will receive immediate access to the game once Early Access goes live on December 14th as well as their exclusive beta tester weapon skin!

To start playing First Assault follow the below instructions:

1. Download and install the Nexon Launcher
a. For those with a Nexon America account, download the launcher here
b. For those with a Nexon Europe account, download the launcher here
2. Update your First Assault game client by clicking “Update”
3. After the update completes, click “Play” and you will enter the game!
a. *The game will be in “Maintenance” mode and not playable until we make it live on December 14th

Players who did not reach level 2 in Closed Beta may still get immediate access to the Early Access test by purchasing one of the available Early Access packs or registering for free access at a later date here.

In this tactical team-based shooter inspired by the Ghost in the Shell franchise, players take on the role of an augmented soldier fighting terrorists on the streets of a future cyberpunk world. Apply now for the chance to be part of the upcoming closed beta tests.

Players will advance and master their character with upgrades and unlocks as they succeed in combat

Each character has exclusive attributes that reflect features of the original franchise

Adding a unique layer to the experience, each of these characters can be customized with specialized body augmentations, weapon attachments and enhanced abilities.

First Assault also features “SkillSync,” which allows players to leverage shared cyber-abilities with nearby teammates in combat modes to augment and increase their skills.

By using SkillSync in smart and tactical ways, teammates can work together in devastating combinations in battle.

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