• 11-11 Memories Retold Review

    There have been, at a guess, more video games about war than there are stars in the universe and grains of sand on all […]

  • Artifact Review

    Take caution before letting Artifact consume you. The monetisation is an egregious disaster, the RNG practically runs the game sometimes [...]

  • Darksiders III Review

    Darksiders III is a fundamentally flawed title that does away with numerous systems and mechanics that the past two titles had iterated [...]

  • Esports Hasn’t Ruined RTS

    Hang around on Reddit or YouTube comments for long enough, and you’ll see accusations that modern RTS games have been ruined by [...]

  • Persona Dancing: Endless Night Collection Review

    P-Studio have managed to put together an excellent package that will appeal to both Persona fans and rhythm game enthusiasts [...]

  • Interview with STEM Challenge Semi-Finalist Jaxon Broad

    Walking around the PGF show floor, you see games from all levels. Veteran devs will be sitting next to rookies and uni students, but […]

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ZombiU Review

What it does right, it does well. This is a game that will demand your attention and will drag you kicking and screaming to […]

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The Walking Dead Review

The Walking Dead is the story of Lee Everett, a seemingly regular guy who has found himself in a bad situation. The once prestigious […]

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Journey Review

Journey is a game that pulls you into it’s world with no instruction and without words. You don’t quite know what you’re supposed to […]

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