4X games are one of those things that you either sink your life into or brush aside. There’s rarely a grand strategy game you can come in and out of, probably because grand strategy doesn’t lend itself to a time-poor lifestyle. Unfortunately, time-poor is the […]

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I’ve been hanging out for Battleborn for quite some time – since its announcement at PAXAus, in fact – and now that it’s here, I feel somewhat conflicted. The game isn’t bad, it just feels oddly unfinished in some areas, and, overall, it feels far […]

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Western Press


“Up, down, left, down, B, X, DINK, DINK– CRAP.” This is but one of a few dozen similar phrases uttered by me while playing Western Press, though that shouldn’t be taken as a failing of the game. Parodying the well-established trope of Western duels, the […]

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Stardew Valley


I am surprised I have managed to drag myself away from Stardew Valley to actually write this review. I mean even doing a slight amount of research for this article I just spent half an hour looking jealously at other people’s farms. So before I […]

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Battlefleet Gothic: Armada


The original Battlefleet Gothic was one of those niche games that fulfilled a very specific task. In the 40K lore, massive space battles are always spoken of in grandiose terms, and BFG tried to catch that spirit in the game. Now, we have Battlefleet Gothic: […]

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Dark Souls III


Dark Souls (2011) was a freak of a game that, despite all logic, was a massive hit. Its success was built on the cult following of FromSoftware’s previous title Demon’s Souls (2009), and its legend cemented by its superb, brutal gameplay. Although there has been […]

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Short, sweet, and a little melancholy, The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human (TAAotLH) is probably one of the shortest games I’ve ever played but will likely be one of the most memorable. Short games aren’t always a bad thing, either; there’s something to be […]

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Enter the Gungeon


Reviewer Note: A quick disclaimer before we begin: I am terrible at games in this genre! My definition of ‘difficult’ may be quite different to yours, but I’m pretty sure even the most seasoned players of this genre will run into a wall within the […]

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Day of the Tentacle Remastered


So that the ensuing shitstorm I’m about to rain all over this remaster doesn’t confuse people, I’ll say this now: I love Day of the Tentacle (DotT). I played this game countless times as a kid, so much that I had all the puzzles memorized […]

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Quantum Break


Like many fans of Remedy Entertainment, I’ve been anticipating the release of Quantum Break for more than half a decade now; although, that’s not exactly surprising given the company’s track record when it comes to development time. Unlike with Alan Wake (the studio’s previous title), […]

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