Batman: Arkham Knight


Developer: Rocksteady Platform(s): Multi-Platform Release: 23/06/2015 After the jump from Arkham Asylum to Arkham City took Batman from hallways and courtyards to an open city, I was curious as to what old Bats could get up to next. How do you refresh such a succinct […]


Developer: Croteam Platform(s): PC, Mac & Linux Release: 23/07/2015 It’s funny to think that The Talos Principle was originally conceived as a new puzzle mechanic for the next Serious Sam game. Although, this isn’t the first time something new has birthed from an existing franchise; […]

No Time To Explain


Developer: tinyBuildGames Platform(s): Multi-Platform Release: 17/07/2015 I love original and inventive indie games that offer something different for gamers to enjoy; titles that don’t fall into the cookie-cutter AAA title category. Unquestionably, No Time To Explain stands strongly within that group of creative and quirky […]

Rocket League


Developer: Psyonix Platform(s): PS4 & PC Release: 07/07/2015 Driving cars around and bumping a ball into a goal doesn’t sound appealing to me at all, but here’s a case of an idea being executed so well that it’s hard not to have a good time. […]

Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition


Developer: Access Games Platform(s): Multi-Platform Release: 10/07/2015 Games have come a long way since Devil May Cry 4 first launched back in 2008. Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition doesn’t make an old game fresh again, but it does what it can to bring along […]



Developer: Tomasz Wacławek Platform(s): PC, Mac, Linux Release: 30/06/2015 If you asked what I thought of Ronin a week ago, I’d say that DeNiro’s performance was on point, but the film didn’t have one. Now, my opinion is that while my jumping was on point, […]



Developer: Team Junkfish Platform(s): PC, MAC & Linux Release: 20/05/2015 I truly believe we see some of the most daring, innovative and downright brilliant ideas in gaming come to life in the domain of indie developers. Something about the modern indie gaming scene feels like […]


Developer: Black Lab Games Platform(s): PC Release: 04/06/2015 Anyone who says they don’t like games about tactical space combat is lying to you and themselves. Commanding vessels in a full 3-dimensional battlefield is the pinnacle of strategy, demanding clever positioning and forward thinking to successfully […]

The Escapists


Developer: Mouldy Toof Studios Platform(s): Multi-Platform Release: 29/05/2015 Puzzle and 2D games will always end up sitting on the ‘currently playing’ list for at least one of my consoles, which makes a game fitting both categories an immediate favourite child. Enter, The Escapists; recently released […]

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


Developer: CD Projekt RED Platform(s): Multi-Platform Release: 19/05/2015 CD Projekt RED are one of the few larger game developers that I have the utmost respect for. Naturally, I am a fan of their work, but I also find it so refreshing that despite continued success, […]