Hearts of Iron IV


It’s a given that strategy games are more complicated than other genres. They’re more demanding on a player to know what’s going on and how to respond, and their unforgiving nature doesn’t help the accessibility. But, hey, to hell with casuals, am I right? We’ve […]

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Last year, the release of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt had a massive impact on the industry. Not only did it win countless Game of the Year awards, it also set a new precedent for all open-world RPGs to come. While reviewing, I already felt […]

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By 2014, I had already been following rumours of Blizzard’s next big project for quite some time – having been an avid fanboy of the company since my youth with games such as Starcraft as well as a longtime obsession with World of Warcraft. So, honestly, […]

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Okay, look. We all knew that Total War needed to make a Warhammer game a decade ago. Now that Games Workshop has stopped being complete dicks about their IP (utter, but not complete dicks), the fantasy of a million inner 15-year olds has finally come […]

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Turtle Power! I was excited for Mutants in Manhattan not just because I was a super-fan back in the late ’80s, but for the fact that PlatinumGames were working on it. After their fantastic work on MadWorld, Transformers: Devastation and the Bayonetta series, I had […]

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Playing the new DOOM is the video game equivalent to listening to a new album released by your favourite 70s rock band, or a big-budget remake of your favourite childhood film; sure, it’s got the same name, and it’s (mostly) the same dudes doing the […]

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The wait for the next instalment of King’s Quest was just a cool down period to think long and hard about what a mess you made last time. Sure, everyone ended up surviving, just barely, but the save game remembers who you didn’t rescue, and […]

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4X games are one of those things that you either sink your life into or brush aside. There’s rarely a grand strategy game you can come in and out of, probably because grand strategy doesn’t lend itself to a time-poor lifestyle. Unfortunately, time-poor is the […]

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I’ve been hanging out for Battleborn for quite some time – since its announcement at PAXAus, in fact – and now that it’s here, I feel somewhat conflicted. The game isn’t bad, it just feels oddly unfinished in some areas, and, overall, it feels far […]

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Western Press


“Up, down, left, down, B, X, DINK, DINK– CRAP.” This is but one of a few dozen similar phrases uttered by me while playing Western Press, though that shouldn’t be taken as a failing of the game. Parodying the well-established trope of Western duels, the […]

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