• Sea of Thieves Review

    I could go on all day about the things I enjoy in Sea of Thieves, and even the things that get my blood boiling, […]

  • God of War: Ascension Retrospective Review

    How the hell did we get so sick of God of War (GoW) that it took half a decade to resurface? A person unfamiliar […]

  • Devil May Cry 4 Retrospective Review

    When I think of hack n’ slash action games, the first thing that pops into my head is a cheeky and charismatic protagonist. When […]

  • Why Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance is a Masterpiece

    I love the fast-paced rush of StarCraft, the tactics of Company of Heroes, and the intricate micro of Command and Conquer. Although Supreme [...]

  • Far Cry 5 Review

    Far Cry 5 is by no means a perfect game. There are inconsistencies in its tone, the villains are forgettable compared to those in […]

  • Metal Gear Survive Review

    Metal Gear Survive builds off of an excellent game to create something fundamentally different. Journeying through the dust and uncovering more [...]

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The Best Nintendo Games of All Time

To celebrate the one year anniversary of the Nintendo Switch, the GameCloud team share their picks for some of the best Nintendo games of all time [...]

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Secret of Mana Review

This isn’t a bad remake, per se. The game functions without crashing, and it’s a close approximation of what the original Secret of Mana […]

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The What Why & WTF: The Great Simplification

Too many games these days are too simple, too elegant in their design to allow for liberating gameplay. We’re stuck in designs that ask very little [...]

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Dragon Quest Builders Switch Review

I’m not exaggerating when I say there’s nothing I didn’t enjoy about Dragon Quest: Builders. It’s bright, colourful, heartfelt yet dark, intuitive, lots of […]

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Lost Sphear Review

Lost Sphear is an RPG that does its best to remind you of the classic genre titles that have preceded it, titles such as […]

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Civilization VI: Rise and Fall Review

There’s no doubt that Civilization VI: Rise and Fall is a superior experience to the base game. Having said that, these mostly subtle changes […]

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Bandai Namco February Games Showcase Hands-On Impressions

Welcome to the year of the Dog. Instead of sending money for Chinese New Year, the team at Bandai Namco sent me an invitation […]

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Monster Hunter World Review

As a long time fan of Monster Hunter, words can’t express just how pleased I am with Monster Hunter: World. The move to current […]

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Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology Review

While Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology offers a battle system unlike any others you’ve likely played, what is really on offer here is a well-told […]

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What Makes RTS Games Fun: How to Make Alien Units Look Alien

Art design is one of the many components of video games that are subconsciously appreciated but rarely expressed and understood. If a game’s art […]

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