Developer: Gadget Games
Platform(s): PC
Release: 29/01/2015

“42 players start. Only one will survive. Coming to Steam Early Access on the 29th of January.”

If you’ve not yet heard of Down to One, it’s just one of several exciting Perth-developed projects that was greenlit on Steam last year. So, naturally, as a Perth-based games media outlet, we felt it was our duty to inform our readers that this intriguing survival shooter will be available on Steam Early Access as of today. – First impressions coming soon.

I also had the pleasure of interviewing the lead developer, Alex Blaikie just prior to last year’s Perth Games Festival. Alex had some really cool information to share about the game, which you can check out here: Official Interview


Official Press Release

Start out with nothing in a large open-world environment, use anything you can find to eliminate other competitors, and finish each round as the last man standing. With realistic bullet ballistics, dynamic netcode, and immersive interactions, Down To One offers a unique competitive survival experience.

  • Interact with anything & everything in the environment, with our procedural interaction system, nothing is off limits.
  • Up to 42 players can play in a round, with dynamic ‘netcode’ that adjusts network update rate (tickrate) depending on the amount of players left.
  • Using a heavily modified Unity Technologies 4.5 as our engine, we’ve got Physically Based Shading, full-body characters, a custom Antihack, first-person shadows and a bunch of other ‘techy’ features behind the scenes.
  • Want to play as a rock-throwing silent assassin? Or a designated marksman, able to shoot players guns right out of their hands? Inspired by MoBAs and Fallout, our perk system lets you unlock perks as you progress in-game, allowing you to adapt your playstyle to how you want to play.

Down To One is being developed by Gadget Games, and our core team are all eSports fanatics. We’d really like to see competitions for Down To One in the future, once we’ve got a stable base game.

After launching our Greenlight campaign, DTO was successfully Greenlit in just one month.

Down To One will launch on Steam Early Access on January 29th. By choosing Early Access, we are able to listen to community feedback, and improve upon features of the game that would otherwise be locked in a traditional release. We’ve already had some great ideas come from the community on our Steam forums, and are looking forward to seeing more as the game progresses. You can find Down to One on Steam right now by clicking this link.

William Kirk

William Kirk

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