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Skourge Legacy_Key ArtPerth, Western Australia- (October 20th, 2015) ENCRYPTION is proud to announce that Skourge Legacy™ will have a sneak peek reveal at PAX AUS 2015.

Skourge Legacy™ will be a new Video Game, Animated TV Series and Toyline. PAX AUS attendees will be given an exclusive sneak peak at the franchise, which will include the first glimpse of gameplay, characters and an overall world introduction.

The IP’s game will be a 2D side scrolling brawler revealed during its PAX AUS Panel, Skourge Legacy: Monsters and Danger in a Post Apoc World. The panel will be taking place on Friday evening the 30th of October at 10:30pm in the Drop Bear Theatre.

“This project means a lot to me. I’ve never been more invested in something.” Creator and Director Wade K. Savage (@WadeKSavage) said. “Our panel will be a laid back introduction to something I’ve spent a long time on, and can’t wait to make a huge cultural phenomenon one day”.

Game developer and artist Jacob Janerka (@ParadigmGame) had more to add “Pokemon but with Myazaki and HP Lovecraft monsters is probably something you just realised you need in your life.” Janerka has provided original game prototype art for the IP.

Key Artist Arden Beckwith shed some light on her piece for the franchise: “I wanted these kids and their environment to seem epic, because that’s what this world’s gonna be.” Illustrator Jeffrey Phillips (@jeff_the_peff) produced the amazing logo.


After a cataclysmic event unleashes a horde of amazing creatures onto the planet, the earth is forever changed. These Skourge Creatures transform everything we know about the world around us. Three kids must now adventure across a ruined land in hope of something better – keeping each other safe as they do so.


ENCRYPTION is an independent IP consultancy headed by Creator and Director Wade K. Savage. They make worlds that sell.

Jacob Janerka is from Perth, Western Australia and really likes drawing and painting for video games. Currently working on his debut Surreal Post-apocalyptic Point-and-Click Adventure game “Paradigm” which is fast approaching release.

Arden Beckwith is a freelance illustrator working out of Melbourne. She can be contacted at with any and all questions.

Illustrator Jeffrey Phillips is a much-lauded artist living and working in Melbourne. He has produced art for everything from major brands to illustrious magazines.

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