Sony’s making the big stuff happen. Though criticized for lacking exclusive releases this year (who cares anyway, Fallout’s coming), PlayStation had some huge announcements this year. Some new project reveals, some third party exclusivity deals and certain games people have been waiting years to see made up an exciting presser this year, without any real slow points. Here’s what happened.

The Last Guardian is coming 2016

Team Ico’s follow up to Shadow of The Colossus is coming to the PS4 next year. Surprisingly, the game looks remarkably similar to what we saw six years ago, but now we’re getting actual gameplay. Realistic crumbling platforms aside, the game is looking pretty simple, and very reminiscent of Ico. After skipping an entire console generation, you’d hope Team Ico have some crazy stuff up their sleeves, but for now, we can just be happy that it’s an actual thing.

Horizon Zero Dawn is Guerrilla’s New IP

We’ve known the Killzone devs have been up to something for a while, and now we know what. Horizon Zero Dawn puts players in a world in which modern society as we know it has ended. A new branch of humanity now roams overgrown city-scapes, curious about how the old ones – modern day humans – lived, and what lead to their downfall. I think the clear guess is robots, seeing as crazy mecha-dinosaurs roam the lush landscape. Horizon Dawn Zero is clearly and explicitly the beginning of a new franchise for Guerrilla, so it’s nice that it looks completely wicked.

A New Hitman Is Coming This Year

Simply titled “Hitman”, IO Interactive are working on a new entry in the franchise, announced with a CG trailer. Interestingly, Hitman was discussed to be ever expanding and continually supported game, perhaps with significant multiplayer aspects. The PS4 version of the game will include six exclusive contracts. If you’re excited, you can preorder to grab yourself beta access today. We can expect the game on December 8th.

Street Fighter V is Getting a Beta, New Characters Shown

Want to play SFV early? Preorder the game for access to a PS4 exclusive beta, starting July 23. Capcom also showed off a couple of characters; Cammy and Birdie.

No Man’s Sky is Huge, Has Shooting

We finally get to see how No Man’s Sky actually plays. There’s some on-foot shooting, some space combat, and of course exploration. Not to mention, the scope of the game is tremendous, consisting of hundreds of explorable solar systems.

Media Molecule Unveils ‘Dreams’

The LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway creators want to take their creation focused skillset a step further with Dreams. Dreams is a game in which you create Dreams. What does that mean? MM themselves know it’s a game that’s hard to understand without a proper explanation, but for now they’re showing off sculpting scenes with the Dualshock 4. The implication is that these scenes can be used to create your own games, videos, whatever it may be. We’ll have to stay tuned for a more elaborate description.

New Devolver Digital Games Incoming

Ronan, EITR, Mother Russia Bleeds and Crossing Souls are new arcadey, indie style games coming to PS4. There was no ‘indie catalog’ portion during this conference, but it’s safe to say Devolver is one of the highest regarded companies on the scene.

Shenmue III is Being Kickstarted

Though not directly involved with PlayStation, a Kickstarter campaign for the highly anticipated sequel was revealed. Coming to PS4 and PC, the game has already made over a million big ones.

Play as a Cop in Arkham Knight

A new Arkham Knight trailer was shown, as well as an interesting segment of the game, in which a police officer is controlled in first person. Get the game on PS4 for exclusive Scarecrow Nightmare Missions.

Morpheus Focuses on Multiplayer

Sony might just be onto something in separating themselves from the competition. Project Morpheus is said to take a multiplayer angle on VR. To back up this claim, a new game from Guerrilla Cambridge was unveiled. RIGS is a 3V3 arena based mech-shooter.

PlayStation Vue Lets you Subcscribe to Individual Channels

Cool if you’re a TV person, Vue allows individual channel subscriptions rather than an overall fee. The service is widening it’s range of availability across the US, but it remains to be seen where this goes globally.

Black Ops 3 Has Co-Op and Wall Running, PS4 Gets Map Packs First

The Codblops 3 was officially announced, showing off a co-operative campaign and Titanfall style multiplayer. Up to four players can tackle the new campaign with the normal guns and ‘nades, plus a power wheel reminiscent of Mass Effect. Use your crazy tech powers on mechs and stuff to make as many explosions as you can. Multiplayer gameplay looks the same as always, with much more acrobatic freedom. Running on walls seems to be a focus. As cool as it looks at first, seeing three soldiers running around on walls in one room shooting at each other is a tiny bit silly. More pertinently, COD maps are coming to PS4 before Xbox One. After years of Microsoft partnership, Activision is officially working with Sony. That Call of Duty audience could mean big bucks for PlayStation going forward. The game’s coming on November 6th, and PS4 players can check out the beta first in August.

Cool First Person Exploration Game Firewatch Comes To PS4 First

Now here’s a game that looks cool, interesting and humorous. This is one of those awesomely written and acted games that make me feel like games are all grown up (but still cool and fun, not with lame office jobs or anything).

Destiny DLC On The Way

The Taken King expansion pack is launching on September 15th, featuring the father of that one guy you kill with the sword, I guess? PS4 is getting an exclusive multiplayer map, a co-op strike, and some exclusive gear.

Assassin’s Creed Shows of Female Protagonist, Exclusive PS4 Missions

Evie Frye has some sick moves, and the begging for a female assassin has finally been answered. PS4 is getting the exclusive Dreadful Crimes missions.

World of Final Fantasy Announced for PS4 and Vita

Play as chibi versions of all your favourite FF characters, or grow big. Ride on tiny animals, or grow big and have them ride on you! Not a very well explained game, but I’m sure FF fans will be happy to have all their favourites in one game. They might be excited for some other stuff, too…

Final Fantasy VII Remake IS Happening

Due to popular demand, and surely spurred by the re-release’s disappointing reveal last year, it’s finally happening. Platforms aren’t revealed, but ‘First on PlayStation 4’ is. So, Half Life 3 is like, the last thing for people to beg for, right?

Disney Infinity Gets Star Wars Stuff Sooner on PS4

When Disney Infinity 3.0 launches later this year, the Rise Against The Empire Playset, as well as a Boba Fett figure, will only be available in a PS4 exclusive special edition. The content will see individual release for all platforms a month later.If you want to play the original trilogy levels at launch, you’re going to need this set.

Battlefront Has Missions and Split-Screen

Seeing a storm trooper awkwardly stumble and scream upon his death really hit home how well this game is capturing Star Wars. Missions give you something to play on your own or co-operatively with a friend, including split-screen multiplayer. Play objective based modes, survival modes, or battle as your favourite Star Wars heroes.

Uncharted 4 Has Crazy Jeep Action

First off, Sully looks like a real old man. Actual controllable vehicle gameplay was shown off for Uncharted 4, featuring a nicely open, destructable environment. After every game in the Microsoft conference starred characters running as the ground fell from under them, it’s nice to see Uncharted do something new, rather than the stuff it popularised. Also, Sully really is the realest old man I have ever seen.

Sony Has This Conference Thing Down

They’ve had some lows, but Sony’s on a streak of excellent press conferences right now. Even the usual slow point about a TV show or a magic book was missing this year, with only a minute or so spent discussing Vue. I’ll admit, I miss Jack Tretton, but once again all of the presenters and developers were entertaining and concise. Getting up on a stage and re-revealing The Last Guardian and announcing, finally, a Final Fantasy VII remake is the kind of stuff people pray for every year. This year they got it. I was disappointed that we didn’t get to see what Sucker Punch or Sony Santa Monica are working on personally, and the rumours of a new Crash Bandicoot had me a bit excited, but it’s hard to argue with the substantial and exciting content of this years Sony E3 Conference. Grade: A