Platform(s): Multi-Platform Release: 22/11/2013 Nintendo’s in full swing for rehashing old franchises for the Wii-U because nothing says “next-gen” like re-polished games from yesteryear. February brought us Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze, which is actually somewhat of a misnomer given that the “Freeze” part of the title doesn’t really enter into gameplay until towards the end of the game. I’m disappointed, […]

Super Mario 3D World


Platform(s): Wii U Exclusive Release: 22/11/2013 Generally when we think of Mario, the first thought that pops into our heads is a small, potato-shaped, mustachioed man stomping on animals and smashing bricks. In fact, that single thought isn’t just a vague idea of who Mario is, it is actually a pretty good cover-all for the sorts of things you do […]

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes


Platform(s): Multi-Platform Release: 13/11/2013 When a new Lego game releases, the staff at my local game store no longer have to ask whether I’m ordering it for my son, or myself. Lego and its gaming offspring may have begun as a children’s product, but it’s popularity and grasp has grown exponentially, so much so that when I picked up my […]

Batman: Arkham Origins


Platform(s): Multi-Platform Release: 25/10/2013 So, you’ve spent $60 on another Arkham game, waited 2 days to download it on your 0.3Mbps internet, and now you’re excited for what twists and turns await! However, after all that build up you’re presented with Arkham Origins, a game you essentially played a couple of years ago in the form of Arkham City. You’re […]

Master Reboot


Platform(s): PC, PS3 & Wii U Release: 29/10/2013 With indie games on the rise this year, and with so many being released at the moment; it can sometimes make it quite difficult to find those true diamonds in the rough. Master Reboot is one of those bold titles that attempts to explore a lot of unique ideas and implement a great narrative design, but upon release, […]

Pikmin 3


Platform(s): Wii U Exclusive Release: 27/07/2013 Nintendo is finally starting to roll out the games that any Wii U owner will tell you should have been available at launch, and things just would not be right if those titles didn’t include some of the tried and true Nintendo franchises of old. Pikmin 3 revisits, and finally gives a name to, […]

Resident Evil: Revelations


Platform(s): 360, PS3 & Wii U Release: 23/05/2013 I have to be honest and say it’s been awhile since I’ve played a Resident Evil game, and according to a lot of recent criticism, I’ve been told that this may have actually been for the better. I understand that this series has a long detailed history and that there many passionate […]

The Cave


Music: Pending Platform(s): PS3, 360, Wii U & PC Release: 24/01/2013 A knight, a monk and a scientist all walk into a cave. It sounds like the premise for a cliche joke, but this is not unexpected when stepping into the mind of Ron Gilbert. The Cave is the latest indie adventure to be released by Double Fine Productions, who […]



Platform(s): Wii U Exclusive Release: 30/11/2012 It has been 400 years since the prophecies of John Dee, a mathematician, astronomer and advisor to Queen Elizabeth I.  He was one of the most learned men of his age and well known for both his revelations and attempts to commune with angels. The Black Prophecy was an apocalyptic event set to devastate […]