LEGO Jurassic World


Developer: TT Games Platform(s): Multi-Platform Release: 12/06/2015 I told myself I wasn’t going to review any more Lego games; after all, there weren’t any franchises left that I had been dying to see as playable Lego characters. Next minute, playable dinosaurs, movie-accurate worlds and a […]



Developer: Nintendo Platform(s): Wii U Exclusive Release: 30/05/2015 Leave it to Nintendo to take the dullest, iterative and derivative genre of the times and shoot pink ink right in its face. I rarely find a reason to play realistic racing games or hyper-technical fighting games; […]

Mario Party 10


Developer: Nintendo Platform(s): Wii U Exclusive Release: 21/03/2015 Mario Party 10 brings everyone’s favourite minigame filled board game to the Wii U with amiibo, the gamepad, and HD visuals. For better or for worse, this release inherits much of Mario Party 9’s ideas and qualities, […]

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker


Developer: Nintendo Platform(s): Wii U Exclusive Release: 03/01/2015 I wasn’t expecting much with Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t a great little title to start this year for Nintendo. You start playing the moment the game loads, placing you in […]

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U


Platform(s): Wii U Exclusive Release: 21/09/2014 SSB4-3DS* was rad and all, but let me tell you about a little game called SSB4-WiiU**. This game makes me feel like a kid again because in so many ways, whether intentional or not, it feels like a really […]

Hyrule Warriors


Platform(s): Wii U Exclusive Release: 20/09/2014 I feel like I need to start this review off by saying that I’m glad that “Hyrule Warriors,” isn’t preceded by “The Legend Of Zelda.” In fact, I think we’d all do well to pretend that any characters or […]

Shovel Knight


Platform(s): PC, Wii U & 3DS Release: 26/06/2014 I wasn’t really sure if I would enjoy this game. I’ve seen a few “8-bit” titles recently, and some of them turned out to be pretty good, I suppose? However, here was yet another one, and I […]


Platform(s): Multi-Platform Release: 02/07/2014 When Guacamelee! launched on PS3 and PS Vita last year, I had a really great time playing it. As one of my favourite games of 2013, as well as one of the best games on the Vita to this day, this […]

Mario Kart 8


Platform(s): Wii U Exclusive Release: 30/05/2014 Seemly out of nowhere, much like a blue shell, Mario Kart 8 is finally available, which in part, helps to justify the purchase of a Wii U for all of the patient Nintendo fans across the globe. When looking at […]

Child of Light


Platform(s): Multi-Platform Release: 30/04/2014 Judging by all of the pre-release hype, which consisted of art-laden teaser trailers and keyhole glimpses at Child of Light, it seemed Ubisoft Montreal were working on something completely left of centre. The style and story-book narrative, coupled with insights into […]