Lethal VR


Virtual reality can turn even the most mundane of tasks into exciting, transformative endeavours when executed correctly. Job Simulator elevates routine tasks with wacky irreverence. Batman Arkham VR uses an immersive sense of setting to enhance what really is just a bunch of fiddling around. Lethal VR starts with the simple idea of a shooting range – a broad, inherently fun scenario perfectly suited for the VR space – and goes nowhere.

Lethal VR is a game in which the player shoots at specified targets in a series of challenges. Levels may have you shooting menacing looking cut-outs while avoiding the assumed innocent or hitting moving targets through precise holes. As well as the handful of different firearm challenges, Lethal VR offers some throwing knives and even a razor-brimmed hat. This is the extent of Lethal VR.

Frankly, it’s enough to make up a fun VR game if executed well. Lethal VR, unfortunately, is not well executed. The flavourless, vacant room in which the game remains looks unfinished, while the weapon models almost seem like placeholders. So much of your performance depends on locating targets quickly, yet I couldn’t differentiate the sound of one popping up right next to me or sliding up in the distance. The greatest strength of VR – creating a convincing sense of space – is entirely lost in Lethal VR.

While the guns mostly track fairly accurately with the PS Move controllers, throwing weapons seemed to behave differently each time I used them, either requiring immense swings to gain any distance, or flicking off effortlessly. For the little substance that is present, and its questionable quality, it’s sad to say that it isn’t without its considerable issues at the most fundamental level.

Lethal VR could maybe pass as a free VR launch demo. As its own thing it feels more like an internal tech demo, trying to communicate the most base mechanics of what could become a video game. Even said mechanics, though, are inept next to so many of its peers. Lethal VR isn’t aiming for a high target by any means, yet still fails to reach it.

Lliam Ahearn

Lliam Ahearn

Staff Writer at GameCloud
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